How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to Beat?

How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to Beat? Final Fantasy 16‘s epic and exhilarating journey through the fantasy globe captivates players with its rich tale, compelling environment, and exciting combat. One thought reverberates in the minds of adventurers, as it does in each epic role-playing game: “How long will this adventure last?” The solution is not so straightforward in the vastness of Valisthea. The decisions made, the routes followed, and the extent of exploration undertaken will all affect how long it takes to complete Final Fantasy 16.

How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to Beat?

Each player’s experience is different, from those who want to savour every little nuance and finish every side task to the tenacious individuals concentrating just on the main plot. Whether you’re a seasoned Final Fantasy veteran or a newcomer to the series, the game caters to various playstyles and preferences.

Whether you’re aiming for a brisk playthrough or seeking to savor every aspect of the game. In this article, we’ll discuss about How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to Beat?

How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to Beat- Main Story Length

The core narrative of Final Fantasy 16 takes players on a gripping journey through the fantastical realm of Valisthea. For those solely focusing on the main story without venturing into side content, completing Final Fantasy 16 takes approximately 35-40 hours. This duration can fluctuate depending on individual gameplay styles and approaches to quests and battles.

Completion Time on Different Difficulty Levels

The challenge level you choose will also influence the time required to finish the game. Here’s a breakdown of estimated completion times based on difficulty:

Normal Difficulty: 35-40 hours

Hard Difficulty: 45-50 hours

New Game+: 25-30 hours (assuming you skip all cutscenes)

As you progress to higher difficulty levels, enemies become more formidable, demanding more strategic combat approaches and potentially extending your overall playtime.

How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to BeatImpact of Side Content

Final Fantasy 16 boasts a wealth of engaging side content, such as hunts, dungeons, and quests, that can significantly enrich your gaming experience. Exploring these optional activities allows you to immerse yourself deeper into the world and gain valuable rewards. If you decide to embark on all the side content, you can expect to spend around 70-80 hours on your journey through Valisthea.

The Speed of Your Playthrough

Individual playstyles and how swiftly you tackle quests and battles also play a role in determining the game’s completion time. Some players may prefer to savor every detail, while others might opt for a more brisk and goal-oriented approach. For those who choose to rush through the game, skipping cutscenes and avoiding side content, completion times can be significantly shorter, possibly around 25-30 hours.

Embrace the Journey

Ultimately, the time it takes to beat Final Fantasy 16 is a personal and subjective experience. Embrace the vastness of the world, engage with its rich lore, and relish the thrilling combat. Whether you’re a completionist or a focused storyteller, Final Fantasy 16 caters to various preferences, ensuring a memorable and enchanting adventure.

How Long Does Final Fantasy 16 Take to Beat?


In the enchanting world of Final Fantasy 16, the time it takes to complete the game depends on your chosen path. With the main story offering around 35-40 hours of captivating gameplay, and engaging in all side content, extending the journey to 70-80 hours.

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