How to Fix Roblox Not Updating on Mac

How to Fix Roblox Not Updating on Mac: Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world, and one of its main advantages is that it can operate on almost any device, including Macs!

How to Fix Roblox Not Updating on Mac

However, it is not always easy for Mac Roblox gamers, who may encounter difficulties updating or downloading the game. If you are here looking for how to fix Roblox not updating on Mac, one of these workarounds will almost certainly get you back in the game.

Restart Your Mac

Before you do anything more, restart your Mac in case the problems with your installation and updating are caused by a transitory glitch that a restart can address. It’s a simple step, but it’s always a good one to start with!

Update OS

The most recent version of Roblox may require a newer version of macOS than you currently have installed. Check for pending updates and upgrade your macOS system before attempting to update Roblox again.

Roblox requires at least macOS Yosemite at the time of writing, while Roblox Studio requires macOS El Capitan. Unfortunately, if your Mac does not support these OS versions, you will be unable to play Roblox.

Update Game

If you’re logged in as a user with no administrative capabilities (such as a child’s account), log in as Mac’s administrator before trying to update Roblox. It appears that if Roblox was installed by a user with administrator access, the game requires the same privileges to update. If you don’t have access to the admin account, you’ll need to contact the computer’s administrator.

Launch the Game from Browser

While you can open and update Roblox by launching it from your Applications folder (or wherever you saved it), this technique occasionally fails.

The simplest solution is to launch the game directly from the website. Go to the Roblox website, sign in to your account, then select a world to play in by clicking the green play button. The game should start up and then, if necessary, update.

Launch the Game From Dock

If starting the game from the browser doesn’t appear to work, try launching it from the Dock, Launchpad, or the Applications folder in Finder.

Use a Different Browser

Because Roblox is operated through your browser, you may be experiencing problems as a result of a browser issue. For example, if you’re currently using Safari, consider upgrading to Google Chrome.

The use of Google Chrome has advantages. You can, for example, install several extensions to improve your online security and privacy.

If Roblox downloads or updates correctly when you switch browsers, the problem could be due to a flaw in the problematic browser, which could be fixed with an update to either the browser or Roblox.

Check for Browser Updates

Your browser may just be too old to work with Roblox, so check for updates and apply them, then try to run Roblox again to see whether your download or update was successful.

Reinstall the Game

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your Mac can resolve a variety of issues, including update issues.

  • On your Mac, hold down Command + Option + Esc at the same time.
  • Select Roblox or Roblox Studio from the list that appears in the window that appears, then click “Force Quit.”
  • Navigate to “Finder -> Applications.” Find Roblox and drag it into the Bin.
  • The application will be permanently destroyed the next time you empty the Bin.
  • Go to the Roblox website, select a planet, then click the green play button to reinstall Roblox.
  • When the site detects that Roblox is not installed, it will offer to download the application. To finish the process, follow the on-screen directions.

Clear Roblox Settings

Some of the Roblox files on your local drive may have become corrupted. Navigate to “Library -> Preferences,” then delete any “” files that appear. These files will be recreated from scratch the next time you run Roblox.

Disable VPN

If you are using a proxy server, smart DNS, or VPN service, you should turn them off before trying to update. These services reroute your Internet traffic. This may result in Roblox being unable to communicate properly with its server.

Contact Roblox Support

If none of these remedies help you get Roblox functioning on your Mac, contact Roblox Support and log an inquiry to see if they can assist you.


Is Roblox compatible with Apple Silicon?

Roblox runs smoothly on Apple Silicon; we tested it on a base-model M1 MacBook Air and it performed brilliantly.

Will deleting files or uninstalling cause me to lose my progress?

Roblox maintains your data in the cloud on its servers, so there’s little possibility of losing progress if you delete or reinstall the game. However, the Roblox platform has experienced some troubles in the past, resulting in data loss for users. However, this is completely out of your control and a rare event.

Is it possible to utilize the Roblox mobile app on a Mac?

While Apple Silicon Macs, such as the M1 MacBook Air, can run iPhone and iPad apps, whether their software is available on the Mac App Store is up to the developer. Because the Roblox app isn’t yet available for Apple Silicon Macs, you’ll have to utilize the browser-based version.

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