PUBG PC Update 11.2 – Patch Notes

 PUBG PC Update has quite recently dropped, carrying new changes to Erangel’s notorious extensions, another Survivor Pass, balance changes to pull back while riding in a vehicle, and then some! Updated patch notes are PUBG PC Update 11.2-Patch Notes. Let’s find out what are the new things added to it.

Let’s have a look at the PUBG PC update. First up, you’ll notice Erangel’s scaffolds to Sosnovka Island looking somewhat changed this update. Extensions have been marginally enlarged, had their cover design changed somewhat, and now have new catwalks to give players more alternatives for drawing in or keeping away from connecting experiences.

Our new Survivor Pass accepts the outfits we’ve lived in this pandemic year and carries them to the Battlegrounds with Survivor Pass: Pajama Party. Get your pass and begin opening your number one work-from-home clothing today!

Terminating from vehicles has gotten somewhat really testing this update, with a 10% increment to withdraw. The objective is to make driveby assaults a touch more troublesome, however, we’ll keep on checking positive outcome rates to check whether we need to change it anymore in any case.

PUBG PC Update is additionally dispatching another game mode with this update! In Respawn Royale, each shot is deadly however demise isn’t the end. However long your crew endures adequately long, you get an opportunity to respawn back in and proceed with the battle. Will your crew outlive and win?

There’s bounty more in Update 11.2, so make certain to peruse the full fix notes for every one of the subtleties. That is supportive of now and we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

PUB PC Update 11.2 – Now on the Test Server!

World Changes – Erangel Military Island Bridges

These are some PUBG PC update in the 11.2 version. The famous bridge between Erangel terrain and Sosnovka Island has been given in PUBG PC Update. This minor revamp carries primary changes to the extensions and incorporates the expansion of new defendable situations, notwithstanding catwalks under to help battle off assaults, including those from the water. These catwalks additionally serve as another road of assault to mount an attack on those troublesome extension campers.

The two bridges associating Sosnovka Island and the Erangel terrain have had significant changes, including extra cover and enlarging of the extensions.

Catwalks have been added to the bridges that provide additional spaces and camping areas to both campers and defenders. Proper stairs have been introduced to it which helps you to come below the bridge without jumping and damage.

The dump trucks are also updated. This will help defenders to rescue from campers who usually laid inside the trucks and start camping on the bridge. Now it is full of sand anyone wants to go inside the dump truck for camping it is visible from the other side of the bridge.

Survivor Pass: Pajama Party After PUBG PC Update

Transform your sleep party into a butcher gathering with Survivor Pass: Pajama Party!

This pass starts off our better approach for delivering passes, which are not, at this point connected on schedule and subject to the season. This gives us more choices for substance, length, and surprisingly the number of passes we decide to deliver each year.

Survivor Pass: Pajama Party can be bought inside two diverse thing bundles  Unders PUBG PC Update.


Premium Pass + The Big Sleep – AUG weapon skin.


Premium Pass + The Big Sleep – AUG weapon skin + Lv.30 coupon.

Gameplay & Balance

Drive-by Shooting Balancing Adjustment

A few fixes back, we executed personal satisfaction change to intensely improve dependability and by and large perfection of pointing while in vehicles. As vehicles are a centerpiece of our Battle Royale experience, we need to empower vehicular battle, while likewise guaranteeing balance and taking into consideration legitimate counter-play.

Tuning in to all your input and burrowing through interactivity information, we have seen a more noteworthy ascent in the adequacy of drive-bys and generally vehicle to player gunplay than planned.

Our initial step to address this is expanding weapon pullback in vehicles and we’ll proceed to intently screen your input, so kindly, keep it coming!

The in-vehicle drawback has been expanded by 10%.

This change doesn’t matter to sidearms.

Match History & Match Report Improvements

Having the choice to profound plunge into your replays and match history can be extraordinary to help investigate and improve your interactivity. We need to guarantee these devices are easy to utilize and straightforward. All things considered, we’ve made upgrades to both the Match History and Match Report screens which you can find out about in more detail underneath.

Match Statistics after patch update

Match History

Improved the general page plan and adjusted certain components for better results.

  • Expanded size of the guide pictures.
  • Improved symbol plan for Last 20 Match Stats subtleties.
  • View Report is currently shown just while floating over each match section.

Your Placement Trend is presently shown as a line diagram, instead of a reference chart to give an all the more clear image of your outcomes.

  • Supplanted Avg Kills with K/D Ratio.
  • Added Assists to the rundown of recorded details.
  • Help has likewise been added to Match Reports.

Execution Improvements

  • Improved customer execution by debilitating certain voice talk-related highlights when voice visit is handicapped.
  • Improved customer FPS strength through a decrease in hitches identified with advancement work.
  • Advanced CPU execution by adding extra multi-strung delivering support.
  • Advanced CPU execution through liveliness improvement.
  • Advanced some worker and customer execution pipelines to lessen both worker and customer hitches.

Items and Skins

Item Tier Adjustment

We have changed the level of certain normal, dark extraordinariness things to improve consistency among comparable thing types. The changed things are presently replaceable for 60BP each.

This change has effectively been executed as of Update 11.1, initially planned to be sent with Update 11.2, yet conveyed ahead of time with a connected bug fix accidentally.

Animated PUBG ID Nameplates

For individuals hoping to add somewhat more pizazz to their PUBG ID Nameplates, our first arrangement of energized nameplates are currently accessible in the store. They’re accessible to get separately or as a limited pack, so investigate and zest up your style!

Nameplates – 500 G-Coin (Available April 28, 2021 – April 27, 2022)

Vikendi Birb

Hand Drawn Holdup

Canines of War


Cat Fury

Retro Ride

Bark at the Moon

Nameplates Batch 2 – 500-GCoin (Upcoming, accessible May 19, 2021 – May 18, 2022 )

Two Smoking Barrels



The End

Vivified Nameplate liveliness will be dynamic on after screens:

Profession > Survival

Client Profile

End-game screen – Opponent’s PUBG ID

Onlooker – Spectating player’s PUBG ID

Passing Cam – Killer’s PUBG ID

Activities are not dynamic on the accompanying screens:

Match Report > Survival, Overview

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