AEW Fight Forever How Chain Wrestling Works

AEW Fight Forever How Chain Wrestling Works: Welcome to the thrilling world of AEW Fight Forever, where the art of wrestling reaches new heights. Among its many exciting features, chain wrestling stands out as a unique and strategic mechanic that adds depth and intensity to the gameplay. Chain wrestling is a dynamic exchange that occurs when both players attempt a grapple simultaneously.

AEW Fight Forever How Chain Wrestling Works

This initiates a chain wrestling sequence, where players engage in a rock-paper-scissors-style gameplay, predicting their opponent’s next move. During chain wrestling, you have access to a range of moves, including strikes, grapples, and reversals. Each move plays a crucial role in setting up your opponent for a devastating finishing move. It’s not only about executing your own moves but also anticipating and countering your opponent’s actions effectively.

In AEW Fight Forever How Chain Wrestling Works, we will delve into the mechanics, tips, strategies, and key elements of chain wrestling in AEW Fight Forever.

How Chain Wrestling Mechanics Works in AEW Fight Forever

Chain wrestling in AEW Fight Forever is initiated when both players attempt a grapple at the same time. This synchronised action triggers a chain wrestling event, offering a thrilling rock-paper-scissors-style gameplay. Players must anticipate their opponent’s next move by pressing the appropriate buttons, such as A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, B on Switch, or the designated key on a keyboard.

During a chain wrestling sequence, players can employ a range of moves, including strikes, grapples, and reversals. These moves allow wrestlers to gain an advantage over their opponent and set up a finishing move. Timing is crucial, as mistimed attacks can leave you vulnerable to counters. Managing stamina is also important, as depleting your stamina can make you more susceptible to your opponent’s attacks.

Tips and Strategies for Effective Chain Wrestling

Timing is Key

Pay close attention to the timing of your attacks. Executing them too early or too late may result in your opponent countering your move. Practise timing your moves correctly to gain the upper hand.

Stamina Management

Keep an eye on your stamina bar during chain wrestling. Ensure that you don’t exhaust your stamina completely, as it will leave you more vulnerable to your opponent’s strikes and grapples. Use stamina wisely, reserving it for crucial moments.

Utilise the Environment

AEW Fight Forever offers an interactive environment that can be used to your advantage during chain wrestling. If you find yourself near weapons or objects, incorporate them into your attacks to catch your opponent off guard.

Exploit Opponent Weaknesses

Assess your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. If your opponent excels at striking, focus on utilising grapples and reversals to gain control. Adapt your strategy based on your opponent’s style to gain the upper hand.

Experiment with Moves

Don’t be afraid to try different moves and combinations during chain wrestling. A vast array of moves is available, providing opportunities to surprise your opponent and keep them guessing. Experimentation will help you discover effective techniques and maintain unpredictability in your gameplay.

AEW Fight Forever Chain Wrestling Skills, Timing, and Stamina

In chain wrestling, skills play a vital role. Some wrestlers possess better chain wrestling skills than others, making them more adept at executing moves and countering their opponents. Consider choosing wrestlers known for their chain wrestling prowess, such as Kenny Omega, CM Punk, or Cody Rhodes, to maximize your chances of success.

Timing is crucial in chain wrestling, as it determines the success or failure of your attacks and counters. Practice your timing in training mode to hone your skills and improve your chances of dominating the chain wrestling sequences.

Stamina management is key to maintaining control during chain wrestling. Conserving stamina allows you to execute powerful moves and avoid becoming an easy target for your opponent. Stay aware of your stamina levels and use it wisely for strategic advantages.


Chain wrestling in AEW Fight Forever adds a dynamic and strategic dimension to the gameplay. By understanding the mechanics, implementing effective strategies, and utilising tips such as timing, stamina management, and environmental elements, you can master the art of chain wrestling. Experiment with different moves, explore wrestlers with superior chain wrestling skills, and enjoy the excitement and depth that chain wrestling brings to AEW Fight Forever. Step into the ring, seize the opportunity, and dominate your opponents with your chain wrestling prowess. For more articles and insights on AEW Fight Forever and various wrestling topics, be sure to visit Gameophobic

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