Mobile Data Consumption: FAU-G

FAU-G which is an abbreviation of Fearless And United Guards FAU-G game. It was released on PlayStore India on the 26th of January 2021. This was a much anticipated rival of the Battle Royale game Pubg Mobile. It is an action game for mobile that has been made in India, by Bangalore-based company nCore Games. […]

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image for among us

How to add friends in Among Us?

Among Us is a space themed game of betrayal and fun. It is a popular game in 2020.the characters are really cute. A crew contains abou 4-10 players. Usually it is fun when there are more people. As we know more people, more fun, but with social distancing. As we all know there are 2-3 […]

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Mobile games are a sure thing for every age. In the world not a single person exists who dosent know of mobile game.there are different types of games one could play. Aslo there are a lot of genres. For example they are action, detective, idel, racing games, battle games, etc. And also there is also […]

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