What is Shredder Autosalvage Unit in WoW (World of Warcraft)

What is Shredder Autosalvage Unit in WoW (World of Warcraft)In WoW Classic: Season of Discovery (SoD), engineers can craft a consumable item called the Shredder Autosalvage Unit. This item enables the engineer to salvage spare parts, such as metal bars, leather, and gizmos from the wreckage of a shredder. It can come in handy when resources are scarce and you need to craft new items in WoW Classic.

How to Craft Shredder Autosalvage Unit?

To craft Shredder Autosalvage Unit, you need to have the following materials:

  • Bronze Framework x1
  • Whirring Bronze Gizmo x2
  • Heavy Leather x1

You also need to have the schematic for Shredder Autosalvage Unit, which is a world drop that can be found in chests, mobs, or quests.

What is Shredder Autosalvage Unit in WoW (World of Warcraft)

How to Use Shredder Autosalvage Unit?

To use Shredder Autosalvage Unit, you need to find a shredder wreckage on any of the moons in SoD. Shredders are mechanical units that are used by the goblins and the gnomes for various purposes, such as logging, mining, or combat.

Once you find a shredder wreckage, you can right-click on the Shredder Autosalvage Unit in your inventory to activate it. This will start a channeling spell that lasts for 10 seconds, during which you will salvage the shredder for parts. You will receive a random amount of materials, such as:

  • Copper Bar
  • Bronze Bar
  • Iron Bar
  • Steel Bar
  • Mithril Bar
  • Truesilver Bar
  • Tin Bar
  • Silver Bar
  • Gold Bar
  • Light Leather
  • Medium Leather
  • Heavy Leather
  • Thick Leather
  • Rugged Leather
  • Coarse Blasting Powder
  • Heavy Blasting Powder
  • Solid Blasting Powder
  • Dense Blasting Powder
  • Handful of Copper Bolts
  • Bronze Tube
What is Shredder Autosalvage Unit in WoW (World of Warcraft)

Why Use Shredder Autosalvage Unit?

  • The shredder Autosalvage Unit is a useful item for engineers who want to gather materials for their profession without having to mine or skin. It can also be a source of income, as some of the materials can be sold on the auction house.
  • Shredder Autosalvage Unit is also a fun and immersive way to interact with the world of WoW, as it allows you to explore the different moons and discover the secrets and stories behind the shredders.
  • The Shredder Autosalvage Unit is one of the many engineering items that can be crafted and used in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, which is a game mode that offers a fresh and unique experience for WoW fans.

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