Destiny 2: Hidden Coil Chest

Destiny 2: Hidden Coil Chest Destiny 2 is a popular online multiplayer shooter game that features various activities and challenges for players to enjoy. One of these activities is Savathun’s Spire, a new seasonal activity added in Season of the Witch. Savathun’s Spire is a six-player matchmade activity that involves ascending a Hive-infested spire and facing off against Savathun’s minions. Along the way, players can also find hidden chests that contain extra rewards and secrets. In this blog post, I will show you how to find and unlock the hidden coil chest in Savathun’s Spire, which is one of the most elusive and rewarding chests in the game.

What is the hidden coil chest?

The hidden coil chest is a secret chest that can only be accessed by using a special item called the Coil of the Witch. This item is a rare drop from the final boss of Savathun’s Spire, and it allows the player to activate a hidden portal that leads to the chest. The chest contains a guaranteed drop of a legendary weapon or armor piece, as well as a chance to get an exotic item or a catalyst. The chest also counts towards the Secrets of the Spire triumph, which requires the player to find all six hidden chests in Savathun’s Spire.

Destiny 2: Hidden Coil Chest

How to get the Coil of the Witch?

The Coil of the Witch is a random drop from the final boss of Savathun’s Spire, which is a powerful Hive witch named Xivu Arath. To defeat her, players need to work together and use the mechanics of the activity. The boss fight has three phases, each with different objectives and challenges. The first phase involves destroying four Hive crystals that power up the boss’s shield. The second phase involves collecting and depositing Hive runes that spawn from enemies and portals. The third phase involves damaging the boss while avoiding her attacks and traps. After the third phase, the boss will retreat and the activity will end. If the player is lucky, they will receive the Coil of the Witch as a reward.

How to use the Coil of the Witch?

The Coil of the Witch is a consumable item that can be used in the inventory screen. Once used, the player will see a message that says “A hidden portal has opened in Savathun’s Spire”. The player then needs to return to the activity and look for the portal, which is located in the Traverse Labyrinth section before the final encounter. The portal is hidden behind a wall of Hive runes that can be destroyed by shooting them. The portal will only remain open for a limited time, so the player needs to hurry and enter it. The portal will take the player to a secret area where the hidden coil chest is waiting. The player can open the chest and claim their rewards.

Destiny 2: Hidden Coil Chest

Tips and Tricks for Destiny 2: Hidden Coil Chest

  • The Coil of the Witch is a rare drop, so the player may need to run Savathun’s Spire multiple times to get it. The drop rate is higher on higher difficulty levels, so the player may want to challenge themselves and try the Heroic or Legendary modes.
  • The Coil of the Witch can be used by any player in the fireteam, not just the one who obtained it. The portal will be visible and accessible to all players who are in the activity, so the player can share the chest with their friends or teammates.
  • The Coil of the Witch does not expire, so the player can save it for later use. However, the player can only hold one Coil of the Witch at a time, so they cannot stack multiple coils and use them in succession.
  • The hidden coil chest is not affected by the weekly lockout, so the player can open it as many times as they want, as long as they have the Coil of the Witch. The chest will always drop a legendary item, but the exotic and catalyst drops are limited to once per week per character.

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