[Solved] Pokemon Go Bugged Showcases

[Solved] Pokemon Go Bugged Showcases Pokemon Go is a popular augmented reality game that lets you catch and battle various Pokemon in the real world. One of the features of the game is the PokeStop Showcases, which allow you to enter your Pokemon into contests based on different themes and criteria.However, some players have reported that they are experiencing a bug with the PokeStop Showcases, which prevents them from submitting some of their Pokemon or seeing any Showcases at all. In this blog post, we will explain what causes this bug, how to prevent it, and how to fix it if you encounter it.

What Causes the PokeStop Showcases Bug in Pokemon Go?

The PokeStop Showcases bug in Pokemon Go is not caused by your actions or behavior, but by the game’s servers. The bug occurs when the game’s servers are overloaded or under maintenance, which can happen during peak hours, new updates, or major events. The bug affects the communication between the game and the Cloudflare service, which protects the game’s servers from malicious attacks and provides faster loading times.

The bug results in some of your Pokemon not being detected or eligible for the Showcases, or the Showcases not appearing at all on the PokeStops. The bug is random and unpredictable, and it can affect different players in different ways. The bug is not related to your device, network, location, or account.

How to Prevent the PokeStop Showcases Bug in Pokemon Go?

The best way to prevent the PokeStop Showcases bug in Pokemon Go is to avoid playing the game when the servers are busy or unstable. You can check the game’s server status by visiting third-party websites such as [Down Detector] or the official forums. You can also follow the game’s official social media accounts for any announcements or updates regarding the server status.

If you know that there is a new patch or a event coming soon, you may want to play the game before the update goes live and enter your Pokemon into the Showcases. You may also want to avoid playing the game right after the update, as the servers may be crowded or buggy.

[Solved] Pokemon Go Bugged Showcases

How to Fix the PokeStop Showcases Bug in Pokemon Go?

If you encounter the PokeStop Showcases bug in Pokemon Go, there are a few possible solutions that you can try to fix it. Here are some of the common methods that have worked for other players:

  • Restart Pokemon Go: This is the simplest and most effective solution for most bugs. Simply close the game and the launcher, and then launch the game again. This may clear any temporary issues or glitches that may cause the bug.
  • Restart your device: Sometimes, the bug may be caused by a device problem on your end. You can try restarting your device by turning it off and on again. This may fix any system errors or conflicts that may interfere with the game.
  • Check for updates and file integrity: You can also try checking if your game is up to date and if your game files are intact. To do this, open the launcher’s settings, which are located in the top-right corner in the dropdown menu. Then, click on the “Check for updates” button and wait for the launcher to scan your game files. If there are any missing or corrupted files, the launcher will download and install them automatically.
  • Contact support: If none of the above methods work, you may need to contact the game’s support team for assistance. You can do this by sending an email to pokemongo-support@nianticlabs.com with the subject “PokeStop Showcases Bug” and the following content:
    • A short description of the situation;
    • A screenshot of the bug;
    • Your game ID and region.

The support team may be able to fix the bug or provide you with further instructions on how to solve it.

[Solved] Pokemon Go Bugged Showcases

Conclusion for [Solved] Pokemon Go Bugged Showcases

The PokeStop Showcases bug in Pokemon Go is a common and annoying bug that can prevent you from enjoying the game’s features. However, it is not caused by your actions or behavior, but by the game’s servers. The bug can be prevented by avoiding playing the game when the servers are busy or unstable, and it can be fixed by trying some of the methods mentioned above. We hope that this blog post has helped you understand and resolve this bug, and that you can enjoy the game without any interruptions.

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