Apex Legends Mobile: Best Assault Rifle

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Assault Rifle. Apex Legends Mobile has officially gone worldwide, and players all around the world are diving into the Apex Games’ small-screen version. The game is a gorgeous reproduction of the battle royale that millions of people have grown to love on PC and consoles, with many of the same weapons, Legends, game modes, and areas.

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Assault Rifle

Guns, as in every shooter game, are the most important aspect of gaming mechanics. The appropriate gun for your playstyle and character may make things much simpler in matches. Getting the appropriate weaponry is critical in Apex Legends Mobile. Remember that as a downside of the platform, the mobile version of the game has a tighter field of vision and less time to respond. But it does not imply you cannot make adjustments. Even if the PC and console versions of the game change slightly, the basic foundations of Apex Legends Mobile remain the same. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the Apex Legends Mobile: Best Assault Rifle

Best Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile: Ranked

In Apex Legends Mobile, Assault Rifles play an important role. They are the most flexible weapon type in the game, capable of defeating adversaries at mid- to long-range, and even at close range, with the correct attachment.

Players may equip them with scopes and optics to extend their effective range and allow them to identify targets in the distance. The majority of players will want to have one of these in their loadout.

A shotgun and an assault rifle will keep players protected in short to long range, while a sniper rifle will ensure they can easily take out adversaries from afar. Here is a ranking of all the assault weapons in Apex Legends Mobile.

Hemlok Burst AR

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Assault Rifle
Damage NumbersHead: 39
Body: 22
Leg: 17
Magazine SizeBase Mag: 21
Level 1 Mag: 27
Level 2 Mag: 30
Level 3 Mag: 36
Ammo TypeHeavy
Rate of Fire924 RPM (rounds per minute)
Effective Range612 meters
Firing ModeSingle shot/ Burst

In Apex Legends Mobile, the Hemlok is a burst-fire AR that fires three bullets with each trigger stroke. It has a high TTK, but players must get quite comfortable hitting their strokes.

With practice, this can be an extremely lethal sleeper weapon. Furthermore, attaching a 2x-4x scope and switching to a single-fire mode may decimate at extended ranges.

There are, however, more effective and dependable assault firearms in the game.


Damage NumbersHead: 32
Body: 18
Leg: 15
Magazine SizeBase Mag: 26
Level 1 Mag: 30
Level 2 Mag: 34
Level 3 Mag: 38
Ammo TypeEnergy
Rate of Fire672 RPM (rounds per minute)
Effective Range494 meters
Firing ModeAuto

The Havoc is an energy assault weapon that must be spun up before it can deliver damage. This means that players must organize their assaults or risk getting hit by bullets while waiting for theirs to spin up and fire.

This may be compensated by installing a turbocharger, which allows it to be spun up fast, greatly enhancing the weapon’s damage and dependability. However, its reliance on a hop-up hinders it.


Damage NumbersHead: 32
Body: 18
Leg: 14
Magazine SizeBase Mag: 22
Level 1 Mag: 27
Level 2 Mag: 31
Level 3 Mag: 34
Ammo TypeHeavy
Rate of Fire600 RPM (rounds per minute)
Effective Range461 meters
Firing ModeAuto/ Single shot

The Flatline is a powerful heavy assault weapon with a short time to kill. With additions, players may expand the magazine to a reasonable capacity and blast through teams with this weapon.

However, owing to the recoil and the lack of barrel upgrades, players must respect this weapon kick in order to utilize it properly. Before utilizing this weapon, many players want to warm up.

R-301 (Best Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile)

Apex Legends Mobile: Best Assault Rifle
Damage NumbersHead: 25
Body: 14
Leg: 12
Magazine SizeBase Mag: 20
Level 1 Mag: 22
Level 2 Mag: 26
Level 3 Mag: 32
Ammo TypeLight
Rate of Fire816 RPM (rounds per minute)
Effective Range475 meters
Firing ModeAuto/ Single shot

The R-301 Carbine is ideal for Apex Legends gamers who have previously played on PC and consoles. In fact, it is one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. What is the secret of its success? Balance. The gun is balanced, with overall figures that show no sign of compromise. It has a long-range shooting range and may be used to target opponents. Aside from that, its damage output and stability perform admirably in the middle range.

Another feature of this AR is its ability to track. Whatever the opponent does, aiming down the sights with this gun will allow you to maintain track of them. Your accuracy will not suffer as you maintain track of them and rain down bullet hell.

So here are our recommendations for the greatest Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile. If you wish to know about How to add friends on Apex Mobile, here is an article on the same.

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