Aqueous Tidemarks Genshin Impact Guide

Aqueous Tidemarks Genshin Impact Guide: The most recent Genshin Impact update includes a new region called Fontaine. Of course, with a new zone comes new characters, obstacles, talents such as swimming, and tasks to fulfill. The Aqueous Tidemarks quest is one of the new quests included in the update.

Aqueous Tidemarks Genshin Impact Guide

Are you ready to delve into the depths of the Fontaine region? From diving into rivers to battling difficult opponents, our Genshin Impact Aqueous Tidemark Quest Guide lays forth a clear course to take. So, let us get started without any further ado.

Aqueous Tidemarks Genshin Impact Guide

  1. You must travel to the Court of Fontaine in the Fontain region to begin the Aqueous Tidemarks in Genshin Impact. You must visit the Statue of The Seven and speak with an NPC named Virgil. Then, while you converse with him, select the ‘Yes, lead the way’ option to begin the quest.

2. Then you will be directed to a river. Once there, you must dive in to investigate what Virgil has asked of you. Once you have discovered the first hint, simply follow the course of the river and study any golden shining item you come across until you reach the entrance to an underwater metropolis. When you arrive, you will see the viewpoint option.

Your objective here is to get past the leaf-blocked entryway at the bottom. To open it, you must first locate the fish with a small orb above its head and then absorb its powers. Then return to the entryway, aim at the three lines of leaves, and shoot at them with the Fontemer Water Blades you just earned to unlock the door.

Aqueous Tidemarks Genshin Impact Guide
3. Before continuing, turn around and look for a small treasure on the north side of a broken building. This prize contains an antique key that is necessary for proceeding in the mission. Then on until you reach a massive stone with blue fractures obstructing your path. There, you will come across a fish that you can absorb.

4. Aim and shoot like previously to demolish the boulder. Now that the path is clear, proceed to the enormous door, place the key on the platform on the left side of the entrance to unlock it, and then enter. When you enter the area, you will encounter certain underwater currents that you can dodge by utilizing Armored Shields.

As you descend, you will be attacked by aggressive aquatic animals. You’ll come upon another stone blocking the path, which you can destroy much like the prior one. Enter and turn left to access this location’s Teleport Waypoint.

Aqueous Tidemarks Genshin Impact Guide

5. When you enter this chamber, you will see a steel door on the left side that may be explored but not opened. To open it, you must first surface on the water and then climb the visible platform. Then proceed to the left to speak with Virgil once more.

You will then get access to the puzzle that will activate the gate. The puzzle is on the other side of the corridor where you encountered Virgil. This puzzle is simple to solve. Simply gather the golden Pneuma Block and utilize it on the Blue platform. Then, at the top of the shelf, collect the blue Pneuma and utilize it on the golden platform. To open the gate, interact with the device.

6. Following that, you must enter the gate that leads to the surface. But then you will come across another shattered floor and must dive back into the water. After you have dived, swim a little further and then turn right, where you will notice an opening that will take you back to the surface.

Then, as you proceed, two clockwork mekas will keep you from entering, which you must destroy. After you have dealt with them, proceed straight until you come to a pit. Jump down, then interact with the device to boost the water level.


The Aqueous Tidemarks quest in Genshin Impact is one of the newer quests introduced in the most recent update. It is more and more focused on puzzle solving skills of the players rather than the hack and slash gore that is associated with the game.

We hope that we were able to help you out with our Aqueous Tidemarks Guide for Genshin Impact.

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