Armored Core 6: EN Shortfall: How To Fix

Armored Core 6: EN Shortfall: How To Fix: EN Shortfall is a word that appears in Armored Core 6, and it may be perplexing to newbies to the game. After all, the game’s wealth of customization possibilities and distinct loadout phrases set it apart from other FromSoftware titles.

Armored Core 6: EN Shortfall: How To Fix

EN deficit occurs in Armored Core 6 when your generator is unable to supply enough energy for your build. When you equip a new part that demands more energy than your generator can offer, a red bar appears.

However, if you want to defeat all of Armored Core 6’s bosses, you’ll need to understand what EN Shortfall is and how to remedy it. So, whether you like close-quarters combat with dual shotguns or a more systematic approach with long-range sniper, here is our Armored Core 6: En Shortfall: How To Fix guide.

What Are EN Shortfalls in Armored Core 6?

When your AC surpasses its current EN Load, you will experience EN Shortfall in Armored Core 6. When an EN Shortfall happens, it essentially indicates that your Generator’s energy supply is insufficient to adequately power your mech.

Depending on the parts you use, each AC in Armored Core 6 will have a variable energy consumption, with some demanding more energy than others. Avoiding the dreaded EN Shortfall pop-up can be tricky, but it is essential for developing the best mechs in the game.

Armored Core 6: How to Fix EN Shortfall?

The simplest way to avoid EN Shortage in Armored Core 6 is to equip a Generator with a high EN Capacity that suits your unique requirements. This allows you to use the most demanding AC parts without worrying about energy difficulties. The EN output of a generator can be found in its statistics.

VP 20D

The VP-20D generator has the greatest EN output of 4430 in the game. This is the generator to use if you have a build that requires a lot of EN and don’t care for other stats. VP-20D will ensure that each component receives the necessary energy.

It does, however, have a 384 supply recovery. When your EN is entirely depleted or recharging is interrupted, the generator will take a lengthy time to restart its EN recharge. The main disadvantage of this generator is that it is the most powerful in Armored Core 6.

DFGB-08 San Tai

The DF-GN-08 San-Tai is the second generator we propose you use to solve the EN shortage in Armored Core 6. The EN output isn’t as good as the VP-20D’s, but it’s still 3210. Furthermore, the recharge rate on this generator is significantly higher.

Armored Core 6: EN Shortfall: How To Fix

Aside from that, the weight is 10060, which is acceptable. It is an excellent generator for concentrating on EN without sacrificing much weight.

Armored Core 6: EN Shortfall: Changing Parts

Furthermore, another option to address the EN shortage issue in Armored Core 6 is to swap out the heavy EN-demanding parts with something else. However, doing so will almost certainly result in the loss of your greatest or favorite sections.

In most cases, the higher the EN, the more powerful the weapon or part. So, in order to create a build centered on the best weapons, you may need to select a Core that is weaker. Remember that each build will support a different playstyle.

The beautiful thing about this game, on the other hand, is that you can sell all of the parts for the same sum you paid for them. This means you are not taking any chances by investing in a new rifle.


For new players, we recommend experimenting with your AC loadout to see what items you may drop to free up more EN Load. You may even discover that a different combination of weaponry and parts vastly helps your build, so experiment to your heart’s pleasure.

So, there you have it. All you need to know about EN Shortfall in Armored Core 6 and how to solve it. Now that you know how to fix this problem, be sure to visit our website Gameophobic for more such amazing guides on the latest and greatest games.

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