Armored Core 6: Loghunt Guide

Armored Core 6: Loghunt Guide: As you progress through Armored Core 6, you’ll learn about the LOGHUNT Mercenary Program. Certain enemy mechs have been designated as targets, and you will be rewarded for eliminating them. But what are the incentives, and how can you decide if a certain enemy is a target?

Armored Core 6: Loghunt Guide

The Armored Core 6 Loghunt mission is a sort of meta-game in which you hunt down formidable foes for their fight logs. Armored Core 6 offers a Hunter Rank to the player, which monitors how successfully you find and defeat tough adversaries that are frequently hidden in your missions.

Let us get started on our Armored Core 6 Loghunt quest guide and tell you how to level up your Loghunt as well as where you can easily find and collect all of the scattered Logs in the game.

Armored Core 6: How to Level Up Loghunt

Scroll through the missions in the Replay Mission menu. Any mission with the battle log emblem beside it contains a combat log enemy. To see if you have that fight log, look at the mission description on the right. If it reads BATTLE LOG: PENDING, you haven’t gotten it yet.

Each combat log is rated from Bronze to Platinum. The greater the rating of the combat log, the higher your Loghunt rank will grow.

Armored Core 6: All Loghunts Location Guide

Chapter 1

Mission 4: Destroy Transport Helicopters – Ignore the Tetrapod at the end of the mission (Silver).

Destroy the Tester AC Mission 5 – The mission’s major objective that cannot be neglected (Silver)

Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex – On the frozen lake to the right between the second and third objectives, you will locate a Tetrapod (Silver). Destroy the AC that strikes you at the end of the mission before the final objective (Gold).

Mission 8: Climb the Wall – Head towards the wall, then to the city’s left side. There are three low-level enemies with the combat log icon (Bronze).

Armored Core 6: Loghunt Guide

Mission 9: Retrieve Combat Logs: You will be attacked by an AC at the end of this mission; beat it before time runs out (Gold).

Mission 11: Attack the Watchpoint – Acquired from one of the main objectives, a Sulla (Gold) flown AC

Chapter 2

Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086 – Obtained from main goal AC Rummy Invincible (Silver)

  1. After overcoming Invincible Rummy, proceed through the doors to the area above. There are two Tetrapods (Silver) with combat logs.
  2. Follow the rail line away from your objective, and on the next left, you’ll find two MTs (Bronze).
  3. Enter the pipe to the right of where the molten metal is pouring into the furnace room. Continue down the tunnel to a secret area, where you will be ambushed by an AC (Gold).
  4. After leaving the furnace area, there are three MTs on the right side (Bronze) of the structure in front of you.

Mission 14: Ocean Crossing – After the vertical lasers, proceed to the platform’s far end. Drop to the bridge and turn around to see two flying drones. Drop down and follow this trail until you locate two more (Bronze).

Chapter 3

Mission 15: Steal the Survey Data – A Tetrapod (Silver) can be found between the second and third logs from where you started.

Mission 16: Attack the Refueling Base – There are multiple adversaries under the bridge you use to traverse the valley. Defeat the person who is firing lasers at you (Bronze).

  • There are two thinner bridges in the valley as well. Proceed to the more distant of the two and defeat another opponent using lasers (Bronze).

Mission 17: Defeat V.VII – While facing the wall, turn left to find a Tetrapod on ground level among the tall buildings (Silver).

  • V.VII Swinburne (Gold) must be defeated.
  • Accept Swinburne’s offer during the fight, then defeat the opposing AC. Gold Rokumonsen
Armored Core 6: Loghunt Guide

Tunnel Sabotage: Mission 18 – When you receive information that the PCA is returning, proceed to the left into a room filled with enemies and defeat the one firing lasers (Bronze).

Mission 19: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City – After dealing with the second fog control device, go along the walkway. Continue straight until you see the huge eye turret (Silver) on ground level.

Mission 23: Attack the Old Spaceport – From the start of the mission, proceed to the upper region to the left of the hangar housing one of the mission targets. A shielded adversary (Silver) can be found outside the hangar.

  • Head to the opposite side’s fuel storage section to find two LCs among the various fuel tanks (Silver).

Mission 24: Kill Honest Brute – At the laser platform, slide to the bottom area and walk to the middle pillar. There are two rolling opponents there, with the right one being your goal (Bronze).

  • Continue to the next platform to find more rolling foes surrounding a pillar, two of which have combat logs (Bronze).
  • Defeat the armored Tetrapod (Silver) when you reach the large platform with the train turntable.
  • When you reach the final platform, you will be greeted by a shield. Pass through it, then fight the rolling robot to destroy the shield and obtain the combat log (Bronze).
  • Destroy the primary enemy, Honest Brute (Platinum).

Mission 25: Defend the Old Spaceport – Defeat Raven (Platinum) as the main target.

Chapter 4

Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 2: Defeat G5 Iguazu (Gold)

  • When you enter the area with the blue lasers, turn right and beat the adversaries in the side room (Bronze).

Mission 30: Underground Exploration – Depth 3 – Get to the ceiling where the blue lasers are blazing at you and destroy the adversaries (Silver) there.

  • Ayre (Gold) must be defeated as the main aim.

Intercept the Redguns: Mission 31– Defeat the main objective, G1 Michigan (Platinum) (Mission 32 is canceled.)

Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers – Defeat the major targets, DUAL NATURE and RECONFIG (Gold) (Cancels Mission 31)

Mission 33: Survey Unknown Territory – Defeat main target, V.IV Rusty (Platinum).

  • TSUBASA/Middle Flatwell drops it during the boss fight (Gold).

Final Mission: Reach the Coral Convergence – Defeat the two ACs at the mission’s start (Gold)

  • Cross the bridge after the ACs and fight the rolling robot on the way (Bronze).

Mission 19: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City – After dealing with the second fog control device, go along the walkway. Continue straight until you see the huge eye turret (Silver) on ground level.

And that is it for our Armored Core 6: Loghunt guide. When you collect all Combat Logs and earn Rank 15, ALLMIND will congratulate you and give you the “Elite Hunter” AC decal. Congratulations on attaining the LOGHUNT Program’s pinnacle!

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