Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber – Walkthrough

Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber – Walkthrough: Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon smacks you hard with its first boss, but then it slows down and allows players a couple more reasonable objectives to complete.

Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber – Walkthrough

The first mission that really puts that weight back on the pedal is Operation Wall Climber. Not only will you have to deal with turrets raining fire down from above, but you will also have to fight your first Tetrapod MT, who will act as a mid-boss.

In this Armored Core 6 Operation Wall Climber Walkthrough guide, we will take you straight to the walls as well as tell you how you can get the Archive Data and Battle logs in the area. Let us now get started with Operation Wall Climber and get you atop the walls in no time.

Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber – Walkthrough

This is a more involved Mission than the others, so prepare to spend more time than normal. Begin by descending into the region beneath you, where you will notice some turrets line the wall ahead of you. We recommend coming in from the left and soaring up to the top, then smashing them all in a line. You may gaze down on your two targets from high at the end of the wall on the right and easily destroy them with missiles.

You must now proceed to the next region in order to reach the much taller wall, where another line of turrets awaits. Try a similar technique as before: approach from the far left or right, then fly up to the turrets and destroy them all in a line. Keep in mind that there are two tiers of turrets, so fly higher when one level is eliminated.

Once they are all gone, there is a large mech on the ground that you must destroy in order to move forward. We strongly advise you to proceed with caution throughout this phase of the Mission, as there is no Checkpoint. If you die before bringing down the powerful mech on the ground, you will have to restart the mission.

Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber – Walkthrough

Once the turrets and opponent have been eliminated, return to the location of the turrets and pass through the now-interactive door. Work your way through the building before boarding the lift to the top. Once there, engage with the Supply prompt before proceeding through the door. This will restore all your AP as well as a complete set of Repair Kits.

Armored Core 6: Operation Wall Climber – Recommended Loadout

You should have gained a pair of Reverse-Joint legs in the last mission in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. You will be able to construct a light, quick AC with them. Given how much of this stage is about dodging cannon blasts, that is an AC build that is ideal for this level.

We also packed the Plasma Cannon as a primary weapon because its uncharged shot is quite powerful, does not slow you down, and can destroy numerous MTs in a single burst. You should be fine if you have some homing missile launchers on at least one shoulder.

Battle Logs And Archive Data

Before continuing with the mission, you need go to the left side of the area in front of the wall. Three MTs will be present to give you with Battle Logs. You will also come across a downed mech that will give you the archive file “Video Record: G4’s Last Words.” G4 from the “Attack the Dam Complex” mission apparently did not make it over the wall.


And with that, you will have successfully completed the Operation Wall Climber in Armored Core 6. Remember that there will be a supply drop at the top of the elevator. This will completely heal you and prepare you for the boss battle against the terrifying HA-T-102 Juggernaut.

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