Baldur’s Gate 3: The Dark Urge Ending [Explained and Alternative Versions]

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Dark Urge Ending [Explained and Alternative Versions] Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that lets you create your own character or choose from six origin characters, each with their own backstory and personality. One of these origin characters is the Dark Urge, a mysterious and sinister figure who has a special connection to the god of murder, Bhaal. In this blog post, we will explain the Dark Urge ending and its alternate versions, as well as the choices and consequences that lead to them.

Who is the Dark Urge?

The Dark Urge is a human fighter who was born with a mark of Bhaal on his chest. He was raised by a cult of Bhaal worshippers who trained him to be a ruthless killer and a vessel for their god’s power. However, the Dark Urge rebelled against his destiny and escaped the cult, seeking a way to rid himself of Bhaal’s influence. He joined the Flaming Fist, a mercenary group that protects Baldur’s Gate, and became a respected captain. However, his past caught up with him when he was infected by a mind flayer tadpole, which awakened his latent Bhaalspawn abilities and drew the attention of Bhaal himself.

Baldur's Gate 3: The Dark Urge Ending [Explained and Alternative Versions]

How to get the Dark Urge ending?

To get the Dark Urge ending, you need to play as the Dark Urge or have him as a companion in your party. You also need to complete his personal quest, which involves finding clues about his past, meeting his old friends and enemies, and ultimately facing Bhaal in the Temple of the Dead. The Dark Urge ending is triggered after you defeat the Netherbrain, the final boss of the game, and enter the Astral Prism, a device that allows you to communicate with the Emperor, the leader of the mind flayers. The Emperor will offer you a choice: to destroy the Netherbrain and save Baldur’s Gate, or to control the Netherbrain and dominate Faerun. However, before you can make your decision, Bhaal will intervene and make his own offer to the Dark Urge: to join him as his Chosen and destroy the gate to Baldur’s Gate in his name or to refuse him and face his wrath.

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Dark Urge Ending [Explained and Alternative Versions]

  • In Bhaal’s Name: If you choose to accept Bhaal’s offer and destroy the gate to Baldur’s Gate in his name, you will become his Chosen and unleash a wave of destruction and chaos across the world. You will kill the Emperor, the Netherbrain, and your companions, and then enter Baldur’s Gate, where you will slaughter everyone in your path, including Jaheira and Sarevok, two prominent characters from the previous Baldur’s Gate games. You will then ascend to the throne of Bhaal, where you will await the coming of the Time of Troubles and the final battle with the other gods. This is the evil ending for the Dark Urge, and the worst ending for Baldur’s Gate and Faerun.
  • Withers Ending: If you choose to defy Bhaal and tell the Emperor to order the Netherbrain to die, you will be able to free the world from the mind flayer threat, but you will still be cursed by Bhaal. He will not kill you, but he will make you suffer for your disobedience. You will be plagued by nightmares, visions, and voices, and you will feel a constant urge to kill. You will also be hunted by Bhaal’s followers, who will try to either kill you or bring you back to his side. You will have a chance to fight back against Bhaal, but it will not be easy.
  • Act of Resistance: If you choose to resist Bhaal and kill yourself, you will prevent him from using you as his Chosen and from carrying out his plan. However, you will also sacrifice your own life and leave your companions behind. You will die as a hero, but also as a martyr. You will be remembered by those who knew you, and your story will inspire others to stand up against Bhaal and his followers. This is the good ending for the Dark Urge, and the best ending for Baldur’s Gate and Faerun.
Baldur's Gate 3: The Dark Urge Ending [Explained and Alternative Versions]

Which ending is the best?

The best ending for the Dark Urge and for Baldur’s Gate and Faerun depends on your personal preference and morality. If you want to embrace your dark side and become a god of murder, you can choose the In Bhaal’s Name ending. If you want to defy your fate and fight for your freedom, you can choose the Withers Ending or the Act of Resistance ending. However, each ending has its own drawbacks and consequences, so you should weigh your options carefully before making your final choice.

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