Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide: The Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway dungeon is like the late-game Gauntlet of Shar, with a series of challenges to accomplish in order to access the Dragon’s Sanctum. Completing this is an important component of Wyll’s mission if you save his father from the Iron Throne, and it has some consequences for Karlach’s quest as well.

Baldur's Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide

Completing the Wyrmway also grants you two Legendary items and a critical piece of lore that may influence the ending you select. It is highly worth exploring if you have the time in act three. We will go over each of Wyrmway’s chamber challenges and how to solve them with ease in this Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide

The Wyrmway is accessible via Wyrm’s Rock fortification, as the name implies. Enter the jail through the stairway in the room with the Wyrm’s Rock waypoint. Pass through the guarded door, then turn left and walk to the end of the corridor.

There you will find two Dragon Headlamps. Turn these off, then deal lightning damage to each of them with a spell or an Arrow of Lightning, then relight the torches. Both will glow white, revealing a portal into the Wyrmway.

Chamber of Justice

Head left down the steps from where the dragon entrance sits, with the four Balduran statues flanking it, into the open area filled with paintings. The purpose of this Chamber of Justice is to determine the guilt of the figure shown in the paintings around the chamber and to punish him fairly for his misdeeds.

To accomplish this, use the Remove Curse spell on the judge in the center of the chamber to unveil the three paintings nearby. Each painting shows a punishment from which you can select.

Baldur's Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide

While the individual in the painting did not commit the crime for which he was accused, he did commit another, so you should choose “The Cell” painting. Pick it up and set it in the Empty Niche opposite the paintings using your judgment. Statue Balduran will be happy with your impartial handling.

Chamber of Insight

The next statue in the main area leads to the Chamber of Insight through a magical bridge. This problem requires reading, which is everyone’s favorite pastime. Oh, and catching flying books as well. You will have to pause the books to read them, then use the knowledge to identify which of the three individuals standing on the raised altar is a threat to the city’s calm.

We used the Command spell to bring the books to a halt, but if you do not want to do the riddle, we can just tell you the answer is Suelto. To complete this trial, attack their ghost.

Chamber of Strategy

We hope you enjoy chess puzzles because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in the Chamber of Strategy. The bad news is that everyone’s chess problem is different, so if you want to solve it correctly, you will have to find a means to beat the Black King in two moves yourself.

Baldur's Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide

The good news is that because lightning damage against the Black King is doubled, you may simply perform a lightning spell to kill it and win the game. You must kill it in a single spell or it will heal, so I summoned Gale and used Chain Lightning, however, Lightning Bolt will also suffice.

Chamber of Courage

There is no puzzle to solve here; just plain ordinary survival. After picking up the torch, you must survive for four turns as elementals and myrmidons spawn around you. We would recommend performing Abjuration spells on whoever has the torch, then concentrating down the foes as they spawn to avoid being swamped before the conclusion.

Baldur's Gate 3: Wyrmway Guide

Ansur The Bronze Dragon

After completing all four chamber trials, proceed through the dragon crest door to face Ansur. We would recommend resting first because you have a tough fight ahead of you. Ansur has 400 HP, which is the same as a Red Dragon, and he has a bothersome lightning AoE that is difficult to evade until you get behind the cover.

Still, if you surround him, bring minions, and continuously shut him down into melee, you can deplete his health. Though you will not be able to recruit the dragon to assist you in the final battle, you will receive two Legendary items for your trouble. The Balduran’s Giantslayer greatsword, which may be looted from Ansur, and the Balduran’s Helm, which can be found on a podium in the back of the room.

For a detailed guide on how to beat this tough boss, check out our BG3 How to Beat Ansur Quest Guide.

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