Best Athletics Computer Games

Best Athletics Computer Games: Competitive games—not esports, but the kind played in the actual world—have existed almost since the dawn of time. They’ve provided amusement, a much-needed break from the grind, and a catalyst for societal change. Sports have moved beyond playgrounds and stadiums as technology has developed to include television and computer games.

When you are in the urge to play a sports game, the PC might not be your first choice. After all, the app doesn’t offer any NHL games or the well-known MLB The Show titles. (It does have the FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA 2K games, though). Even so, there are plenty of extremely enjoyable PC sports games available, especially if you don’t worry about realism or league licenses.

Best Athletics Computer Games

Are you trying to find some top-notch sports games for your PC in 2023? Here is our list of the best athletics Computer Games.

Football Manager

Best Athletics Computer Games

One of the most intricate and strategic sports games ever is the Football Manager franchise. You manage your team of grumpy players while attempting to deal with a limited transfer budget. Football Manager 23 places you in the role of the next Pep Guardiola.

Databases for thousands of players, each with specific details about their playing style and potential, can be found in Football Manager. Football Manager 23 gives you the tools to become the best manager of all time. You can choose to lead a non-league team through the ranks to success or prefer to rule with a Super League team.

Super Mega Baseball

It’s fair to say that there aren’t many choices available when it comes to baseball video games for PC. Thankfully, Metalhead Software’s fantastic baseball series offers a substitute for the console-licensed games that are accessible. The developers have concentrated on producing a playable experience that is simple to take up. Super Mega Baseball 3 has a lot of complexity both on and off the pitch, despite its cartoon aesthetic.

There is a lot of single-player material worth exploring. Although you can concentrate solely on the multiplayer component of the game. The Franchise mode this time around covers several years rather than being concentrated on a single season.


Best Athletics Computer Games

Since the 1990s, the FIFA franchise has been a mainstay of PC gaming. FIFA 23 is likely the best PC release in recent years. This is particularly since it now uses the same next-gen tech as its more popular console version. EA has usually stood by its PC audience. To get our full views, read our FIFA 23 review.

Ever since FIFA 11 brought Ultimate Team to the masses, FIFA has dominated the football landscape. Players clamber for the newest game modes added every week, which has completely altered sports games.

Madden NFL 22

After a protracted absence, the NFL franchise has only recently returned to the PC platform. There are literally no other American Football video games available besides Madden NFL 22, which is the only choice. Thank goodness Madden 22 is the exact same game as its console versions, so PC players won’t feel left out.

Over the past few years, the Madden game has come under fire for complacency brought on by a lack of rivalry. Like any sports team, fans must accept the good with the bad in Madden 22, which is by no means the greatest game in the series.

Golf With Friends

Play mini-golf through themed courses with up to 11 pals in Golf With Your Pals, which is exactly what it sounds like. Set up honey lanes to halt players in their tracks and activate power-ups to freeze your opponent’s ball. For players with a sharp eye for golf courses, the game even has an integrated level editor.

Golf With Your Friends supports simultaneous online and local multiplayer through the hot seat function, which works great with Remote Play on Steam. The best thing about this game is that there is no entry-level requirement; all you need to do is choose a direction, choose how hard to strike the ball, and hope for the best.

NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is a great game with a substantial MyCareer story mode for solo players to delve into if you’re mainly playing offline. In addition to the full roster of contemporary teams, 2K22 gives players a selection of legendary teams from the NBA past to choose from. Would you like to compare the 2021 Golden State Warriors to the 1996 Chicago Bulls? This type of game can be played without incurring any additional costs.

The best basketball game currently accessible on PC is NBA 2K22, which is also the only basketball series. Unfortunately, this means that online battles are more frustrating than they need to be because cheaters are almost always present in the older NBA 2K versions.

Riders Republic (Best Athletics Computer Games)

Steep, an extreme sports video game that was first published in 2016, has been essentially replaced by Riders Republic. The expansive open world of Rider Republic, which is made up of seven American national parks, has a tonne of things to explore. To determine who the best rider is, up to 64 players can fight against one another in the sports of wingsuit flying, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

Even though you don’t have to compete with other players to have fun, it’s incredibly satisfying to pass your pals as you race through the terrain at breakneck speeds.

THPS 1+2

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake by Vicarious Visions brings everything you recall about these vintage skateboarding games into the twenty-first century. When it first debuted in 1999, the Tony Hawk series advanced rapidly, launching an expansion with bigger levels and improved mechanics for eight straight years.

Although the early Tony Hawk games are still playable today, it can be challenging to return to them because of the significant features added in the later games. The series’ finest elements are combined in this remake, which also connects them to the first two games to create a masterpiece.


Publishers were hesitant to release their top-grossing sports titles on PC for a very long time. The sports genre on PC has been relatively underrepresented until lately, except for EA’s yearly FIFA release and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series. Nowadays, you should be able to find something to satisfy your desire for competition, regardless of the activity you enjoy.

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