Top Cricket Games for PC in 2021

The market’s bulged with the all-time best cricket games from the talk of the town Publishers online as well as offline, ensuring you high graphics, having marvelous quality which brings the game to the REAL LIFE. Before 2014, we had only two remarkable cricket games in the market, namely, CRICKET 07 and ASHES CRICKET 2009. But since Don Bradman has entered the market, it has revolutionized and has made its mark in the gaming arena with some quality cricket games.So all the die-hard, crazy fans out there, you need not be sad about wanting to get the best cricket games in 2021. After all, who doesn’t like playing video games, especially cricket?  Let us look at top cricket games for PC in 2021.

1. Cricket 19: top cricket games for PC in 2021

CRICKET 19 is the best cricket game for PC available so far, for having mesmerizing moments of video gaming. So the Crown for the “King-of-the-Cricket-Video-game”, based on sincere research and humble opinion, goes to CRICKET 19. It was released on the 19th of July, 2019 to enjoy every shot of the ball.

Due to its being a truly global cricket simulation from Big Ant Studios it allows you to manage your team, and through constant appreciation of your skill, you can move from local to the national level and can be a leading character in T20. ODIs, or Test match glory. Its key features include the creation of a logo, scenario, player, stadia, and real-world Artificial intelligence and tactics to enjoy the game to the fullest level.

To get the best gaming feels, a Controller is a must thing.  Also, a graphic card of the Radeon HD 6670 or an NVIDIA Geforce GT 710 is a minimum requirement.

2. Ashes Cricket

Its publisher is none other than a big name in the gaming market i.e. BigAntStudios.

This latest version is realistic and way more authentic than before. Inculcating, unique photogrammetry technology, makes you enjoy the full photo-realistic likeness features. Star test players are fully motion-captured and you can also choose your own batting and bowling style. It has proven itself to be Big Ant’s most refined cricket game by allowing 360 degrees batting feature.

  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6670
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210
  • File Size: 12 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (x64 bit) or higher.

3. Don Bradman Cricket 17

The all-time unique feature is that the cricket career starts at a local level. So based on your skill, you can reach for domestic and ultimately to the International ones.

These features make the game close to real-life play. Its new revolutionary control system provides the best ease for batting, bowling, and fielding experience which has never been experienced before in previous versions. It has marked its name in the market as a comprehensive cricket simulator, thus increasing your love for this sport to another whole new level.

4. Big Bash Boom

Made by none other than Big Ant Studio, Big Bash Boom is here in the market to make you enjoy every moment while playing the game as it’s featuring the teams, squads, and stadiums that are fully licensed. It’s a turbocharged take on Twenty20 cricket which makes it a fast-paced one.

Always felt issues with the LBWS? Worry no more. Its LBW appeals and fielding ways are automated. While the issue-creating pitch and story etc. Weather conditions are being done away with. Its unique cartoonish appearance pops up which makes it more worthy of playing.

5. EA Cricket 07

You can choose distinct pitches like hard pitches, wet pitches, green pitches, etc, and different weather conditions at different locations. Many International stadiums are available, like the Eden Gardens in India or Lord’s in England with the amazing supportive crowd and amazing display ads. There’s a lot more we can discuss this game but we are keeping it short.

Anyways, If you are looking for a low-end as well as the best cricket game for your pc then Cricket 07 is made just for you. We believe Cricket 07 is the best cricket game ever made in the history of cricket gaming which was published by EA Sports.

This game not only runs on the low-end pc but also provides high graphics and gives a flawless gaming experience.

These are the top cricket games for PC in 2021. Be tuned in for more interesting ideas.



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