Best Hitchhiker Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Best Hitchhiker Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: In Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hitchhiker is one of the murderers. Despite his simpleton demeanor, this shy villain is one of the family’s most cunning members. Hitchhiker weaponizes his insanity and can use a map to trap victims when they are least expecting it.

Before taking on Hitchhiker, players should try playing other characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His ability, Trap, requires him to be aware of all key entrances and exits. Because his Savagery attribute is so low, gamers will have to rely on proper trap placement to help this family member thrive.

Are you planning on taking on your victims with the Hitchhiker? Then look no further, we are here with the best Hitchhiker build available to players in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Best Hitchhiker Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Best Attributes for Hitchhiker Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Invest Attribute points in Endurance for the ideal Hitchhiker construct, so he has greater stamina to keep up the hunt. What he lacks in sheer damage, he may up for by chasing victims and making several slashes to annoy them. Invest in Blood Harvesting to allow him to harvest more blood vials and power up Grandpa.

The hitchhiker’s initial characteristics are as follows:

  1. Savagery: 15
  2. Blood Harvesting: 22
  3. Endurance: 28

Hitchhiker begins with good Endurance and decent Blood Harvesting. However, because he has low Savagery, he cannot deliver as much damage without some investment. Do not bother with Savagery because it will be a waste of Attribute points before you see any good results.

Best Hitchhiker Perks

Here are the best perk load-outs for the Hitchhiker:

  • Surgical: +100% Blood from attacks.
  • Blood Runner: -15% Stamina usage with 50%+ blood.
  • Universal Donor: +40% Blood value from buckets.

Trapper Killer Build:

  • Serrated: +1 HP/sec damage for 5 sec on hit.
  • Tracker Tagged: 2/3/5 sec victim highlight on hit.
  • Dinner Bell: Trap-caught victims highlighted; stamina burst.

Additional Leveling Perks:

  • Punishment: +50 damage after finding a hidden victim.
  • Universal Donor: +40% Blood value from buckets.
  • Scout: +15% movement, -10% melee damage.
Best Hitchhiker Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It is worth noting that Dinner Bell was created just for Hitchhiker, emphasizing victims for a short period of time while providing him with a boost of stamina. This alone allows him to catch up to a target and land some blows. Even though he doesn’t attack hard, Hitchhiker can take out the best victims while they’re stuck in one of his traps.

Hitchhiker does not always hit hard, so Tracker Tagged will warn allies by highlighting anyone he assaults. This works perfectly in conjunction with the best Leatherface build or another family member that can deal massive damage to a staggered opponent.


Hitchhiker in TCM can be very dangerous if only you invest in the right set of attributes and also know how to set traps. An important aspect of playing as the Hitchhiker is that you must be aware of all the doors and gateways that are located in the area in which you are playing.

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