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Fun Run returns in Fun Run 3: Arena, the third chapter in the Fun Run Saga, featuring more of the fun and mayhem that you liked in Fun Run and Fun Run 2. In one of the coolest racing games you’ve ever played, be the fastest runner and crush your opponents. Fun Run 3 adds a new degree of awesomeness along with Fun Run 3 Power-ups to the iconic gameplay of traditional running race games. In this hilarious online game, you must race against other actual people while avoiding virtually real hazards. Defeat your opponents all the way to the finish line.


Review of Fun Run 3

On November 30, the “Fun Run” story was revived with the release of “Fun Run 3: Arena.” The addition of the game’s newest feature, Arena mode, in September 2012, proved to be a success. Since then, two further versions of Fun Run have been released: Fun Run 2 and Fun Run 3: Arena. Users may now play eight individuals at once rather than just four, and when they approach checkpoints, competitors are removed until only three racers remain. If the user is one of the last three, they will win. Apart from the Arena element, the actual racing differs from the 10+ courses that users and fellow racers can select before the game starts.

Use of Power-Ups

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Power-ups help you level up in the game and should be utilized as soon as possible. You may put them in the lead as soon as you get them, and you have the luxury of waiting to see what you get. Otherwise, the race will be quite close, with the winner generally being the first to utilize it. Of fact, most of the time it’s a game of chance because you never know what power-up you’ll obtain. That’s how you play a terrific winning game.

How do Fun Run 3 Power-Ups work?

The power-up button is available for purchase in the shop. Power-ups have seven categories: blades, traps, speed boosts, and so on. When you satisfy the requirements for each category, you may buy extra power-ups. When you equip it, you’ll only be able to use that sort of power during races in that category.

Best Fun Run 3 Power-ups

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1. Gun & Roulette

Both Gun and Roulette are related games. You can choose to murder the individuals you want. Although roulette is faster than a pistol, it will offer you a slight advantage when shooting another player. As a result, Roulette may be a bit difficult to master. If you don’t know how to play roulette, it’s best to play with a pistol.

2. Bounce Box & Bouncer

These are the finest power-ups with a significant effect. They also counteract the speed burst. You crash a bouncer or bounce box if you utilize a speed burst and touch it.

3. Sheild & Fiery Shield

It is critical to employ two shields rather than two boosts. A fiery shield lasts a little less than the shield, but it offers you a speed boost. It’s possible that Chrono Shield will be tough to get. It’s not for everyone. Let’s look at the differences between Chrono Shield and Shield. After two hits, Chrono Shield lasts a little longer than Shield. These two shields have a lot in common. As a result, you can select your preferred option. Make good use of the shield. Save your power-ups, use them only until the other player does, or use them before selecting a power-up.

4. Speed Burst

The best speed boost in Fun Run is speed burst. It’s a strong boost, but avoid using it against a wall or a bouncer. Speed Burst Spots must be learned. On YouTube, you may also discover the playlist “Best Road & Speed Burst Spots.”

5. Lightning

Lightning is preferred above the other Fun Run 3 Power-ups since it instantly kills all players in front of you or closes by. Sucker Punch doesn’t always kill everyone, and it might even benefit your adversaries. Drone Bombs are similar to lightning, however, they have a much longer time limit. Finally, Blizzard can aid your adversaries.

6. Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray shrinks your opponents and slows them down. It also lowers the effectiveness of some power-ups, such as Speed Burst. Magnet and Thrown Magnet might be beneficial, but they can also be detrimental to your opponents. Lock and chain just lock the other player’s power-ups. It does not have a significant impact. As a result, Shrink Ray is more suggestible.

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Other tips for Fun Run 3 Power-ups

  • Make sure you’re using Power-ups properly.
  • Don’t use useless power-ups when your opponents have Shield.
  • Learn the spots for the Speed Burst power-up.
  • In Clan Battle, use proper power-ups and make sure your teammate is using the Sheild or when he loses his life.
  • Do not use Shield for anything irrelevant.

So, here is the list of best Fun Run 3 Power-ups you can use in the Fun Run 3 game. Which one of these did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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