Call Of Duty Vanguard Zombie’s Survival Tips and Tricks

Call Of Duty Vanguard Zombie’s Survival Tips and Tricks: Call of Duty comes with the first ever zombie experience for Vanguard players; Der Anfang welcomes you. The Zombie mode is a fight against a horde of the undead. In Der Anfang, players are faced with several objectives that they must complete while keeping the undead at bay.

From the look of things, that doesn’t sound like a very easy experience. But you have nothing to worry about since we’ll share important survival tips to win matches. Before then, we advise you to buy some COD Vanguard hacks from Battlelog to loosen things up. 

Call Of Duty Vanguard Zombie's Survival Tips and Tricks

Below are your much-needed tips and tricks.

5 Survival tips for playing COD: Vanguard zombies

  1. Zombies get tougher with newer objectives

The CoD: Vanguard zombie mode unleashes different challenges with new waves of zombies after the other. More so, a new wave of the undead is always more in number and more difficult to conquer. So, visiting the Crafting Station to upgrade your armor before taking on new challenges is important.

Moreover, you should be wary of two types of zombies, Schreier and Boom-Schreier. The former can shoot at you, while the latter blow up when shot. If timed properly, you can use the explosion from the Boom-Scheier to kill nearby zombies around him.

  1. Know the requirements of the different objectives

The zombie mode confronts players with three different objectives and corresponding portals. The objectives are Harvest, Blitz, and Transmit. Indicated by a star icon displayed on your screen, players on Harvest have to deposit a given number of runestones collected from fallen undead.

While Transmit is a bit tougher than Harvest, you’ll need all the resources at your disposal to survive in Blitz. The Blitz objective is the toughest, as you’ll have the undead swarming in on you from every direction. Your kill count doesn’t count; you just have to survive until the time limit is reached. Use the minimap to stay aware of zombie locations around the map. 

  1. Purchase covenants

The zombie mode comes with the Altar of Covenants as one of the most important points of interest. Players will find the Altar of Covenants at Fountain Square. To purchase covenants, you have to visit the Altar with Sacrificial hearts. Players get rewarded with a Sacrificial Heart with each objective they complete. 

Some of the covenants include Bloodlust, Brain Rot, Cryofreeze, Resurrectionist, Unholy Ground, and Mother Lode. The Cryofreeze, for instance, slows zombies down, allowing you to take them out more easily. Moreover, we recommend checking the Altar immediately after each objective to see the available covenant.

  1. Look around for crystals and chests.

While completing your objectives, keep your eyes open for chests and crystals. While you need the crystals to accumulate Salvage, you must check the chests to find the crystals. In addition, crystals also allow you to earn perks and other items.

The locations of crystals are always marked on the minimap. While individual crystal rewards may seem inconsequential, accumulating these items over time will be highly beneficial.

  1. Spend your first Salvage on armor

Your starting weapon packs an impressive punch; As such, you should focus on acquiring other important items that are not readily available. There are many items, equipment, and guns that you can get from here, but we advise that you get armor first. 

Your starting 750 Salvage should be invested in this all-important armor. However, you can get such armor as a free item drop. But if you haven’t gotten it yet, spend that Salvage on it. Such armor will increase your resistance to damage and, at the same time, grant you access to the Max Armor power-up and shard drop.


Zombie games remain an all-time favourite of many FPS fans. Moreover, Der Anfang brings a brand-new feel to the game with special zombie abilities such as that associated with Boom-Schreier and Schreier. 

The tips above will help you tailor your gaming strategy to allow you to survive the numbing wave of zombies. In this mode, everything you do should be targeted at completing the objective instead of racking up more kills. Also, Covenants will give you additional abilities that are useful both on the offensive and the defensive.

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