Can You Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy

Can You Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy: A Sorting Hat quiz in Hogwarts Legacy lets you select your house, much like in the Harry Potter books and films.

Can You Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy

The four Hogwarts houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff for those who are unaware. Slytherins are crafty and ambitious, Ravenclaws are odd and smart, and Hufflepuffs are reliable and diligent. Gryffindors are courageous and daring.

Yet just like the series’ protagonists, you are not your house. As an illustration, Hermione Granger, who is regarded as one of the smartest students at Hogwarts, belongs to the Gryffindor house rather than the Ravenclaw.

You can wind up in the house of your choice by being aware of how Hogwarts Legacy’s sorting quiz functions or by using the account link feature before playing.

How to Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll arrive at Hogwarts shortly after the game begins, just in time for the Sorting Ceremony. You can be assigned to your house in one of two ways.

You can choose your house with a brief in-game quiz or by connecting your Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games accounts. Whichever approach you select, you can sway the Sorting Hat’s judgment.

After the tutorial, you will proceed to the Sorting Ceremony where Professor Weasley will place the Sorting Hat over your head as you sit in the front of the Great Hall.

You will then be presented with two prompts and must choose between them.

How to Get Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy

The Sorting Hat continues, “Huh. I’m unsure. Hmm. I sense something inside of you. A particular sensation of, well, what is it?

The only question that will change the home you are sorted into is this one. Viewers of the show may already be aware of which choice will result in which house, but just in case, we’ve included the resulting house in parentheses:

  • Daring. (Gryffindor)
  • Curiosity. (Ravenclaw)
  • Loyalty. (Hufflepuff)
  • Ambition. (Slytherin)

You can select whatever house you’d like to join if you’re not satisfied with the one you were placed into.

You are given one more chance to choose a house if you don’t like the one you were put into based on the quiz. Before moving further, be sure you’re satisfied with your choice because it is final.

Can You Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy

Differences Between Hogwarts Legacy Houses

In Hogwarts, there are four houses you can join. While each house is unique, it’s crucial to remember that, aside from one primary objective, much of what you’ll encounter will be the same regardless of which house you select. The following are the most significant variations you will see:

  • Your selected house will be represented by the House Colors incorporated into some of your items.
  • Access only to the location of your Common Room.
  • Further interaction and introductions with other fifth-year students residing in your home.
  • Further conversation that may refer to your home.

It is interesting to note that a task that players must complete before encountering Richard Jackdaw will vary depending on their home:

In The Search for the Lost Pages, Gryffindor students will see Almost Headless Nick and take part in the Headless Hunt.

  • Students from Ravenclaw begin their search for Ollivander’s Heirloom, where you’ll explore The Owlery.
  • Students from the Slytherin house will serve as Scrope’s last hope by solving a series of map puzzles that will lead them to Headmaster Black’s house elf and a hidden grotto.
  • To solve a murder mystery, Hufflepuff students look for a Prisoner of Love, which may involve visiting the notorious Azkhaban Prison.


There don’t seem to be any built-in benefits, extras, or companions that are restricted to a single home. Regardless of your house, you’ll be able to interact with 5th-year students from all of the houses. Choose to go on quests with them, and even form groups with them. Some of these 5th-year students will even have their questlines that are independent of your house.

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