Dave the Diver upgrade weapons – How To Do It?

Dave the Diver upgrade weapons – How To Do It? Dave the Diver is a game where you can run a sushi restaurant and explore the underwater world. You can also collect and use various weapons to catch fish, fight sharks, and defeat bosses. But how do you upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful and effective? In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver.

How to Find and Use Weapons

You can find and use weapons in two ways: by opening yellow weapon crates or by visiting Duff’s weapon shop.

  • Yellow weapon crates are scattered around the Blue Hole, and their locations change every time you dive. You can open them to get a random weapon, which you can use for the duration of the dive. Some weapons are more rare and powerful than others, so keep an eye out for them.
  • Duff’s weapon shop is accessible through your phone, but you need to complete a quest from Duff in Chapter 2 to unlock it. In the weapon shop, you can buy and upgrade weapons permanently, using gold and other materials. You can also see the progress bars for each weapon, which indicate how close you are to unlocking a new version.
Dave the Diver upgrade weapons – How To Do It?

How to Upgrade Weapons Permanently

To upgrade weapons permanently, you need to visit Duff’s weapon shop and select the weapon you want to upgrade. You will see the upgrade options and the required materials for each one. Some weapons have a linear upgrade path, while others have branching paths with different elements, such as poison, fire, or shock. You can choose the upgrade that suits your playstyle and preferences.‍

Some of the materials you need to upgrade weapons are:

  • Gold: The basic currency that you can earn by selling fish, completing quests, and diving.
  • Fragments: The common material that you can find by breaking rocks, opening crates, and defeating enemies.
  • The original weapon: The weapon that you want to upgrade. You need to have it in your inventory before you can upgrade it.
  • Special material: The rare material that you need for some upgrades, such as poison glands, fire crystals, or shock coils. You can find them by diving deeper, opening special crates, or defeating bosses.

Once you have the required materials, you can tap on the upgrade option and pay the cost to upgrade your weapon. The upgraded weapon will be added to your inventory, and you can equip it before you dive. You can also switch between different versions of the same weapon, if you have unlocked them.

Dave the Diver upgrade weapons – How To Do It?

What are the Benefits of Upgrading Weapons

Upgrading weapons can give you various benefits, such as:

  • Increased damage: Your weapon will deal more damage to fish, sharks, and bosses, making it easier to catch or defeat them.
  • Increased ammo: Your weapon will have more ammo, allowing you to use it more often and longer.
  • New effects: Your weapon will have new effects, such as poisoning, burning, or shocking your enemies, which can cause additional damage or disable them temporarily.
  • New abilities: Your weapon will have new abilities, such as attracting fish, increasing income, or reducing costs, which can help you run your restaurant more efficiently.

Conclusion for Dave the Diver upgrade weapons – How To Do It?

Upgrading weapons is an important aspect of Dave the Diver, as it can enhance your diving experience and your restaurant business. By finding and using weapons, visiting Duff’s weapon shop, and upgrading weapons permanently, you can unlock new skills, abilities, and effects that can make your game more enjoyable and rewarding. So, don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your weapons and discover what surprises they might have for You.

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