Doktor Skipper Real Name And Face Revealed|Age and Bio

Doktor Skipper’s Real Name And Face Revealed|Age and Bio: Doktor Skipper is a prominent YouTuber who makes videos on diverse topics and subjects. He joined YouTube on June 4, 2018. He discusses different online games throughout his platform. In addition, he has accumulated around 234K followers on his YouTube channel. He often shares his take on movies, games, and other topics. His first video surrounded Jurassic Park. Later, on December 14, 2020, he uploaded a video sharing why he dislikes small commentary channels. The video went viral and gained over 150000 videos. The most popular video on his channel is about the Nickelodeon Iceberg. Doctor Skipper initially used to be a gamer. He used to spend hours playing Call of Duty. Later, he became active as a YouTube streamer.

Let us know more about the YouTube personality. It is worth mentioning that Doktor Skipper has not delved much into his personal life. He has refrained from sharing any detailed information when it comes to his personal life. So much information might not be available.

Doktor Skipper Real Name and Age:

Doktor Skipper

He was born on May 25, 2022. Presently, he is 21 years old. He was born and brought up in America although his exact birth location has not yet been revealed on the internet. Doktor Skipper has not yet revealed his real name on social media platforms. He often uses his pseudo name or nickname to refer to himself. It is a common phenomenon for YouTubers or live streamers to keep their name discrete. It helps them to cope with online hate and bullying. In addition, he wants his subscribers to know him because of his content and not because of his appearance and name.

In addition, Doktpr Skipper has not shied away from sharing real opinions about various subjects. It can come off to be a bit harsh for the YouTube audience. He might have not revealed his name because of the fear of trolls. Despite that, he has gained immense love from the audience and holds around 264K subscribers on his channel.

Doktor Skipper Face Reveal:

As mentioned, Doktor Skipper has not touched much on his personal life. He often appears on his video wearing a mask. At the same time, he has not even uploaded his pictures on his YouTube channel. Despite that, his hidden face has not hindered his YouTube career as he received the silver play button from YouTube.

In addition, he was even active on Twitter but his account was suspended. His Twitter account held around 3000 followers.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Doktor Skipper:

  • He has a pet dog named Rocky whose pictures he uploads on his Instagram.
  • His audience appreciates him because of his sense of humor.
  • He has around 234K subscribers on YouTube.
  • Doktor Skipper’s YouTube channel was hacked in 2021.


Q. What is Doktor Skipper’s Real name?

Not Revealed.

Q. What is his age?

Around 21 years old.

Q. What is nationality?

He is American.

Social Media Accounts:



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