Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough: Embark on another thrilling chapter of the Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) saga with the “Footfalls in Ash” quest. As the 63rd main story quest in FF16, this walkthrough will guide players through the treacherous journey on Ash’s Shadow Coast and beyond. With a clear objective in mind, players will traverse dangerous landscapes, engage in intense battles, and uncover the mysteries that lie within the realm of FF16.

Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough

In “Footfalls in Ash,” players continue their adventure alongside Clive, Joshua, and Gav as they march towards Stonhyrr, the royal capital of Waloed. Along the way, they will encounter formidable enemies, explore abandoned villages, and confront powerful bosses. To overcome these challenges, players must hone their combat skills, strategically plan their moves, and utilize the unique abilities of each character.

This article will guide you through Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough and its objectives, provide tips and tricks, and highlight the rewards and aftermath of the Footfalls in Ash quest.

Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough

Objective 1: Make for Stonhyrr

To begin the quest, players must enter the final open-world area of FF16. Follow the linear path, accompanied by Gav and Joshua, as you progress through the Wolfdarr area. Defeat Akashic and Orc enemies along the way. When encountering a large wall, activate the switch to the right of the gate to continue.

Objective 2: Find the village of Eistla

As the journey unfolds, Joshua departs from the party, and players must continue towards the village of Eistla. Traverse through a swampy area, where you’ll encounter various enemies. It’s up to you whether to engage in battles or bypass them. Keep close to the right wall to discover a side path leading to The Hand of Rhea (Shiva) Chronolith. Inside a chest, you’ll find the formidable weapon called Masamune, which serves as a significant upgrade if you haven’t completed the Blacksmith’s Blues quest chain.

Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough

Objective 3: Slay the Akashic

Upon entering the village of Eistla, prepare for waves of Akashic enemies to attack. Defeat these foes to progress further in the quest.

Objective 4: Search the abandoned village

After the intense battle, explore the abandoned village thoroughly. Head towards the Obelisk by climbing the stairs and then enter the nearby house. Watch the cutscenes to unravel the story.

Final Fantasy 16: Footfalls in Ash Walkthrough

Objective 5: Make for Reverie

With Gav remaining in the village, it’s time to continue the journey towards Reverie. Pass through the eastern gate of the village and follow the path towards your objective. Along the way, be prepared to face enemies, but nothing you haven’t encountered before.

Objective 6: Enter the tower

On the world map, select Reverie as your destination to progress to the next main quest. Explore the tower and brace yourself for what lies ahead.

Tips and Tricks for Footfalls in Ash in Final Fantasy 16

  • Prepare your party: Before embarking on this quest, ensure that your characters are properly equipped with upgraded weapons, armor, and accessories. Take advantage of any available upgrades or enhancements.
  • Combat strategy: During battles with Akashic enemies, prioritize taking down spellcasters first, as they pose a greater threat. Utilize your party’s abilities and synergies to overcome the challenges.
  • Exploration: While progressing through the quest, keep an eye out for hidden paths, chests, and valuable items. These discoveries can provide significant advantages in upcoming battles and enhance your overall gameplay experience.


15x Sharp Fang

30x Bloody Hide

30x Magicked Ash

5,700 EXP

380 Ability Points

2,800 Gil


Upon completing the Footfalls in Ash quest, players will have achieved a significant milestone in their journey. The story will progress, providing further insights into the world of Final Fantasy 16. Prepare yourself for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead as you move on to the next main quest, “The Last King.”


The Footfalls in Ash quest in Final Fantasy 16 takes players through treacherous landscapes, intense battles, and intriguing story moments. By following this walkthrough and implementing the provided tips and tricks, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges that await you. Enjoy the immersive world of Final Fantasy 16 and continue your epic adventure with confidence.

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