Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera The Tricephalic Terror Location

Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera The Tricephalic Terror Location Final Fantasy 16 is full of challenging and rewarding hunts that pit you against powerful enemies. One of these hunts is The Tricephalic Terror, which requires you to face Gorgimera, a fearsome beast with three heads and a mastery of magic. In this blog post, I will show you how to find and defeat Gorgimera, and what rewards you can get from this hunt.

How to Unlock The Tricephalic Terror Hunt

Tricephalic Terror is a Rank S hunt that becomes available during the ‘Across the Narrow’ main quest. You can access the hunt board at any inn or campsite, and select The Tricephalic Terror from the list of available hunts. You will need to pay 10,000 gil to accept the hunt, and you will receive 50 renown and 20,000 gil upon completion.

Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera The Tricephalic Terror Location

How To Find Gorgimera, The Tricephalic Terror

Gorgimera is located in the western area of The Velkroy Desert in the Dhalmekian Republic, which is north of The Dalimil Inn. You can fast-travel to The Velkroy Desert Obelisk and head south to encounter Gorgimera in the scorching heat of the desert. You will see a large red circle on the map indicating the hunt area, and Gorgimera will be roaming around the sand dunes.

How to Defeat Gorgimera, The Tricephalic Terror

Gorgimera is a formidable foe that has a lot of health and high resistance to all elements. It can use various magic spells to attack you from a distance, as well as physical attacks with its claws and tails. Here are some tips and strategies to help you defeat Gorgimera.

Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera The Tricephalic Terror Location
  • Georgimera’s most dangerous attack is its Delta magic, which summons multiple elements across the battlefield, and deals huge damage if Clive is caught in the middle of a sigil. Make sure to dodge through or run around the elemental beams and get out of the blast radius before it explodes¹.
  • Gorgimera’s other magic spells include Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Aero, which it can cast individually or in combination. You can use the Shield of the Phoenix to block or parry these spells, or use the corresponding elemental Eikon to absorb or counter them.
  • Gorgimera’s physical attacks are easy to see coming, and you can dodge or parry them with the Sword of the Phoenix. You can also use the Blade of the Phoenix to deal damage and stagger Gorgimera, or the Wings of the Phoenix to fly over its head and strike from above.
  • Gorgimera has three heads, each with its own health bar. You can target each head separately and focus on one at a time, or switch between them to keep them all low. You can also use the Break Gauge to inflict Break status on Gorgimera, which will make it vulnerable to more damage and prevent it from using magic for a while.
  • Gorgimera is weak to light and dark elements, so you can use the Eikons of Bahamut and Diabolos to deal extra damage and inflict status effects. Bahamut can use Megaflare to deal massive damage and stun Gorgimera, while Diabolos can use Gravija to reduce Gorgimera’s health and slow it down.
  • Gorgimera is immune to poison, silence, sleep, and confusion, but it can be affected by blind, slow, stop, and doom. You can use the Eikons of Odin and Shiva to inflict these status effects and gain an advantage. Odin can use Zantetsuken to blind and doom Gorgimera, while Shiva can use Diamond Dust to slow and stop Gorgimera.

Rewards for Completing The Tricephalic Terror Hunt

After you defeat Gorgimera, you will receive 50 renown and 20,000 gil as rewards for completing the hunt. You will also get some rare items that you can use for crafting or selling, such as Gorgimera Scales, Gorgimera Fangs, and Gorgimera Tails. Additionally, you will unlock the trophy ‘The Tricephalic Terror’ for defeating Gorgimera.

Conclusion for Final Fantasy 16 Gorgimera The Tricephalic Terror Location

The Tricephalic Terror is one of the most challenging and rewarding hunts in Final Fantasy 16. It will test your skills and strategy as you face Gorgimera, a three-headed beast with a mastery of magic. By following the tips and strategies in this blog post, you can find and defeat Gorgimera, and claim your rewards. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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