How Long is Diablo 4 Act 1?

How long is Diablo 4 Act 1? Diablo 4′s first act is named “A Cold and Iron Faith.” It offers a diverse set of tasks to players, each of which contributes to the larger narrative and provides thrilling gaming experiences. Act 1 takes players on a trip around Sanctuary’s vast globe, providing a taste of the game’s rich landscape.

Diablo 4 gamers go on an epic quest through the vast and deadly land of Sanctuary in the highly anticipated game Diablo 4. The duration of each act is an important feature of this adventure since it dictates the time commitment necessary to continue through the game. Act 1 acts as the story’s beginning point, introducing the characters to the various trials that await them. 

In this article, we will delve into How long is Diablo 4 Act 1, its quests, and its estimated completion time.

How Long is Diablo 4 Act 1: Quests

Within Act 1, players will encounter a total of 19 quests, each varying in size, complexity, and objective. These quests include:


After speaking with Lorath, head to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad’s northern part. Talk to Reverend Mother Prava, who informs you about a possible sighting of Lilith in Gale Valley. Take the Knight’s Report from her before leaving the Cathedral.

How Long is Diablo 4 Act 1?

Tarnished Luster

To continue the “Tarnished Luster” quest in Diablo 4, leave the Cathedral and Kyovashad, and follow the waypoint southeast towards Yelesna. Talk to Captain Ankers there, who will direct you to the mining camp in the north to find Vigo. Completing this will finish the quest.

The Knight and the Magpie

To reach the mining camp at Pine Hill, leave Yelesna through the gates and head north. Talk to Vigo at the mine and meet Neyrelle, who saw Lilith enter with her mother. Help Neyrelle and fight Risen Miners on foot until you reach the Condemned Mines to complete the quest.


Descend into the mine, battling Skeletons and Giant Bats. Reach the steps leading down, and Neyrelle will open a locked door for you. Defeat enemies, proceed through tunnels, cross the bridge, and interact with the Opening to finish the quest.


How Long is Diablo 4 Act 1?

After crossing the bridge, talk to Vigo who explains they’re trapped. Neyrelle saw Lilith and runs off. Follow her to a statue. Return to the entrance, climb down a cliff ledge, repair the hoist by removing a Slain Demon, and complete the quest.

In Her Wake

In Her Wake, players fix a machine and talk to Vigo. Lilith, a non-human woman, attacked and took Neyrelle’s mother deeper into the cave. One knight believes nothing can stop Lilith, suggesting to return for help. Vigo heads back to Prava, but Neyrelle continues with players. They encounter enemies, find writings about Lilith, and witness a vision. Afterwards, they reach the Black Lake, explore Kasama, and find more writings about Rathma. They pass through the Gate of the Cradle to complete the quest.

Storming the Gates

In the Cradle, head to the Courts of Dawn after a vision between Lilith and Vhenard. Open the Ancient Gate and face enemies beyond it. Choose either path and be cautious of traps. Defeat Rohaksa, Gift of the Mother, and witness another vision using Lilith’s Blood Petals. Proceed through the Cloisters of Dusk, battling enemies along the way. Protect Neyrelle while she removes the barrier around the next Ancient Gate. Pass through it to reach the Mourning Shore and complete the quest.

The Cost of Knowledge

In “The Cost of Knowledge” quest in Diablo 4, players encounter Vhenard as a boss. To defeat her, players must focus on the Hell Spawn she summons while dodging her projectiles. The boss fight has three phases, each becoming progressively more challenging. Defeating Vhenard will reward players with various items.

Light’s Guidance

Return to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad and speak to Prava. Iosef will inform you that Prava is at Kor Valar, so head northeast to reach it and complete the quest.

Kor Valar

How Long is Diablo 4 Act 1?

In Kor Valar, talk to Vigo near the fire. He confesses to Prava about Vhenard and agrees to accompany you. Find Prava in a building and interact with the War Table showing a map of Estuar. Ask Prava for the divine blessing, but she requires you to prove your worthiness by embarking on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Penitent. Completing this conversation concludes the quest, preparing you for the next journey.


After leaving the town, head southwest to reach the Shrine. Talk to Vigo and embark on a journey to the Altar of Purity. Grab the Idol of the Faithful and fight enemies along the way. Place the Idol on the Altar of Martyrdom and continue to the Altar of Redemption, battling a Blazing Horror. Repeat the process at the Altar at the Anointed Ascent, facing a Fleshless Abomination. Finally, take the Idol to the Shrine of the Penitent, speak with Vigo, and prepare to meet Father Inarius. Quest complete.

Light’s Judgment

Enter the Alabaster Monastery through the open doors. Speak with Brother Orlin in the Hall of Ascension and ask about kneeling and Inarius. Climb the stairs to the next level and reach the Portal of Father’s Radiance. Interact with it to start a cutscene introducing Inarius. After the cutscene, the quest will be finished.

Light’s Protection

Return to Prava in Kor Valar. Speak with her outside and then follow her inside. Inform her that Inarius refused to bless you, but she approves your unharmed presence. She will bless you instead, completing the quest.


Next, head to the Mistral Woods to meet up with Neyrelle. It’s located near Yelesna. Look for a tree with glowing spots at the northern end of the Woods to find the Horadric Vault. When you approach the tree, the path to the Darkened Holt will open, completing the quest.

Shroud of the Horadrim

It’s time to enter the Darkened Holt and find Neyrelle. Follow the snowy road, defeat enemies, and explore the area. Enter a portal guided by a Wolf to reach the Vision of Tristram. The Wolf will explain and lead you to Neyrelle. Defeat enemies in the Shadowed Glade and interact with the Three-Faced Statue to complete the quest.

Fledgling Scholar

After reuniting with Neyrelle in Mistral Woods, you’ll reach the Horadric Vault. Inside, you’ll face Tchort, Herald of Lilith, to obtain the book “Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma.” Defeat Tchort, take the book, and return to Neyrelle in the Foyer. The book may help bring Neyrelle’s mother back to assist in crossing the Black Lake.

Crossing Over

Return to the Mistral Woods and go to the mining camp at Pine Hill. Talk to Neyrelle and take the Ore Hoist down to the Black Lake. Follow Neyrelle’s instructions and perform a ritual. Vhenard will reveal a bridge, and Neyrelle decides to stay behind. Cross the bridge alone to complete the quest.


How Long is Diablo 4 Act 1?

Cross the bridge into the Necropolis of the Firstborn in Diablo 4. Follow the path, encountering visions of Rathma who guide you. Fight Ghouls and a Shattering Revenant. Destroy Tumors of Hatred to open the way. Jump, climb, and continue destroying tumors along the path. Encounter Fangstorms and other enemies. Another vision of Rathma confirms progress. Reach a larger area and destroy another tumor. Climb down and follow the path to the final tumor. Witness conversations between Inarius and Rathma. Reach a lookout point and heal at a well. Battle Lilith’s Lament, receive rewards, and talk to the Knight Penitent. Pursue Lilith and discover her actions.

Light’s Resolve

In the final mission of Act 1, players must travel to the Temple of Light to help the Horadrim defeat Lilith. Along the way, they will face off against hordes of enemies and Lilith herself. After defeating Lilith, players will progress to Act 2.

Completion Time for Diablo 4 Act 1

The length of time required to complete Act 1 in Diablo 4 can vary depending on various factors such as playstyle, exploration, and engagement in additional activities. If players focus solely on the main quests, Act 1 can be completed in approximately four hours. However, for those who prefer a more thorough approach, including the completion of side quests and exploration, the duration can extend up to around 12 hours.


Diablo 4 Act 1 sets the stage for an epic adventure, immersing players in a world full of danger and intrigue. With 19 quests to undertake, players will traverse diverse environments, battle fearsome foes, and uncover the secrets of Sanctuary. While Act 1 can be completed in a relatively short time frame if players solely focus on the main quests, those seeking a more comprehensive experience can easily spend several hours exploring the intricate details of this captivating world. Whether players choose to rush through the campaign or savor every moment, Diablo 4 Act 1 promises an engaging and thrilling experience.

For further details and to embark on your own Diablo 4 adventure, be sure to visit the official website or consult Gameophobic for more in-depth guides and strategies. Prepare yourself for a journey like no other as you dive into the dark and immersive world of Diablo 4.

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