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 The dream sports stage is overseeing a large number of simultaneous clients while it runs a great many live trials to improve client experience.

During the 2020 IPL, Dream11 oversaw 60 million solicitations each moment and saw over 8000 challenge joins each second.

How much data do Dream11 use and some Strategic Decisions on behalf of Dream11

Taking care of these massive numbers is certifiably not a simple accomplishment and as indicated by the organization’s CIO, Abhishek Ravi accepts the early appropriation of cloud has been perhaps the most basic piece of the organization’s computerized procedure.

“This gave us a confirmation for long haul scale with strength. Given the flexible traffic design that Dream11 witnesses, we have been serving the cutting edge client experience with upgraded cost,” he said.

Ravi accepts the organization is solid in overseeing traffic at scale. In the most recent IPL version, Dream11 saw 5.5 Million clients simultaneousness in one of the matches.

For such cases (traffic flood), the organization has conveyed two systems – prescient and receptive.

A robotized stage predicts the normal traffic for each match, and the computerized scripts deal with benchmark IT Infrastructure Deployment progressively consistently/minute level.

Dream 11

Official Partner of the 2020 Indian Premier League

The Indian dream sports market is blasting, with an accumulated yearly development pace of 32%. Cricket keeps on being the fan most loved game in the country. Consequently, when Dream11 turned into the title supporter of the Indian Premier League cricket competition in 2020, it established its status as the biggest dream sports stage in India.

The Dream11 stage permits clients to make a group of genuine players for an impending match and contend with other dream sports fans. Clients can join coordinated challenges and even make private dream sports challenges with loved ones.

In 2020, Dream11 enlisted 100 million clients on its foundation, up from 2 million out of 2016. The application’s exceptional development can be followed by the organization’s information-driven culture.

Data Cinsumotion


How much data does Dream 11 Use|It All Depends on AWS and ML

Dream11 has fostered its own ML models to help gauge the interest of the challenges running on the application. A group is devoted to building these models with Amazon SageMaker. They have likewise evolved ML models to distinguish extortion. The models banner clients who are attempting to connive or make counterfeit records on the stage.

From a client point of view, members profit from ML-driven suggestions on which challenges to join dependent on their past in-application conduct and different elements. At some random time, many challenges are running at the same time on the Dream11 stage, so time-cognizant clients significantly like these proposals of fantasy games.

These are the techniques that are used by Dream11 to know How much data does dream 11 uses or the Dream11 data consumption.

dream 11

For analysis of How much data does dream11 use it works on VoltDB to Power Its Real-Time Streaming Data Platform

  • Single-Digit Latency with 99.99% Uptime
  • Dashboard Insights Accelerate Time-to-Market
  • Driving the Social Aspect of Online Fantasy Sports
  • Multiple Machine Learning Applications
  • Highly Skilled Engineers Support a Growing User Community

About Dream11

Dream11 is India’s biggest dream sports stage, with in excess of 100 million clients. The stage is the leader brand of Dream Sports, India’s driving games innovation organization, which likewise has brands like FanCode, Dreamz, DreamPay, and DreamSetGo as a feature of its portfolio.

dream11 data cost



Advantages of AWS

  • Supports client base extension from 2 million to in excess of 100 million every 4 years
  • Guarantees 99.99% uptime with single-digit millisecond idleness
  • Ensures client information against outer and inward interruption
  • Identifies extortion and arrangement endeavors
  • Customizes proposals for clients dependent on past exercises
  • Empowers social associations among clients
  • Dispatches little application improvements in 2–3 days

AWS Services Used

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Neptune

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon ElastiCache


Fantasy sports

Let’s have a look at How much Data Does Dream 11 Use

People are using these fantasy apps in very large amounts. On average, the consumption of the data is 15 MB to25 MB within 1/2 hour. There are so many cricket leagues on Dream 11 whose matches are seen live from Dream 11. If you see these matches live your data consumption becomes high. The data drains at the speed of  50MB to 100 MB in an hour.

Data use by Dream11


“Dream11 is propelled to make customized custom encounters for singular clients progressively to improve commitment, opening stage faithfulness, and adaptation,” David Flower, CEO at VoltDB, said in an articulation. “This implies utilizing enormous measures of verifiable information to comprehend client conduct while acting amazingly rapidly on current client activities dependent on that agreement.”

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