How to Add Friends in Microsoft Flight Simulator

How to Add Friends in Microsoft Flight Simulator: Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is a famous flight simulation game that allows users to fly in a virtual environment. With breathtaking visuals and exact recreations of real-world settings, it provides a very realistic and immersive experience. 

How to Add Friends in Flight Simulator

The game has a variety of planes and airports to pick from, as well as the ability to customize flying settings and explore the earth from above. 

This game is best played with friends, if you don’t know how to add them. Then this blog on How to Add Friends in Flight Simulator, will take you through the steps and give you some insight on Microsoft Flight Simulator .

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a long and interesting history, dating back to its debut in 1982 for the IBM PC (can you believe it’s that old?). The game was popular with aviation fans and gamers alike from the start. It swiftly became one of the most popular flight simulation games on the market. With each new edition and update, the visuals and realistic elements get more advanced. The game has evolved from its early days of rudimentary wireframe visuals and restricted flight possibilities to a completely immersive experience that provides players with an impressively realistic and rich environment to explore.

Microsoft announced a completely new edition of Flight Simulator in 2020, taking the game to a whole new level. The current version of the game was created using cutting-edge technology. It provides players with an amazingly detailed and precise replica of the world. Also, it has breathtaking visuals and realistic physics. 

 Flight Simulator has stayed loyal to its beginnings, providing players with a wide variety of planes and destinations to explore. Furthermore, the Flight Simulator Social Features elements have enabled users to interact and engage with other players more frequently.

Adding Friends in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator social features enable players to connect and engage with one another. The ability to add friends, exchange messages, and join multiplayer sessions is one such function. The multiplayer options in the game also allow users to choose who joins their sessions. Players may change their privacy settings to public or private, and they can only join sessions with friends. Flight Simulator is a unique experience for players who wish to interact with others and enjoy the game together. This is possible thanks to the Multiplayer Settings in Flight Simulator. 

To add friends to your Microsoft Flight Simulator friend list, you must know their Xbox Live Username or Flight Simulator Gamertag.

A gamertag is a unique identity connected with a player’s Xbox Live account. Whereas an Xbox Live username is a unique identifier associated with a player’s Xbox Live account. Knowing your friends’ Xbox Live gamertag or username is required to add them to your gaming friend list.

Follow the following steps to add people to your Flight Simulator friend list:

  • Go to the main menu in Microsoft Flight Simulator and select “Multiplayer” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Friends” tab from the multiplayer menu. 
  • Enter your friend’s Xbox Live username or gamertag in the “Add Friend” box. After entering their username or gamertag, click “Search.”
  • Check the list, click the “Add Friend” button when you find your friend.

Your friend will be notified that you have sent them a friend request. They will appear on your friend list in the multiplayer menu after they agree.

How to Add Friends in Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Community

The Flight Simulator community is made up of people from all around the world who share a love of virtual aviation. By joining the community, gamers can connect with other players, learn from them, and improve their gameplay experience. This can be accomplished by engaging in community events, joining online forums or social media groups devoted to the game. Generating and sharing custom material like liveries, scenery, and flight plans are also quite popular. The community allows users to discuss tips and techniques, stay up to speed on game improvements, and enjoy the game in a whole new way.


Overall It is simple to add friends in Microsoft Flight Simulator, allowing you to connect with other players and enjoy the game together. Whether you wish to join sessions with friends or build your own, Flight Simulator’s multiplayer features give unlimited chances for fun and discovery.

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