How to Add Friends in Minecraft

How to Add Friends in Minecraft! Minecraft” is a sandbox game designed for multiplayer play. When you play with friends, you can work on a large construction project, roleplay epic storylines, or simply show off your character’s custom skin.

Fortunately, adding friends is simple if you’re playing “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition” on your PC, or any other version on your phone or gaming console. And, once you’ve added a friend, you can play with them regardless of the system they’re using.

Those who want to add friends to Minecraft can do so with a bit of menu navigation. Not only can players enjoy this well-known game about building and exploring with friends on the same platform, but with cross-platform play, aspiring miners and craftspeople can now collaborate with a much larger number of their friends.

What is the distinction between adding someone as a friend and adding someone as a favorite?

When deciding how to add someone as a contact in Minecraft, players should consider their relationship with that person. Adding someone as a friend allows players to send a friend invite, and if it is accepted, both players can send invites to games to each other. Adding someone as a favorite differs in that, in addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, those listed as a favorite will appear at the top of one’s friends list.

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How to Invite People to Your Minecraft World

1) Create a free Microsoft account if you haven’t already – Xbox users will have one automatically. Crossplay requires your Microsoft account. You’ll also need an online subscription if you’re using a console, such as Xbox Live or Nintendo Switch Online.

2) After creating your Microsoft account, launch “Minecraft” and select “Sign in with a Microsoft account.” Sign in and link your Microsoft account to the game by following the on-screen instructions.

3) Select an existing world or create a new one, then start your game. Open the in-game settings menu after you’ve loaded into the world.

4) Go to the far right and click “Invite to Game.”

5) On the next screen, choose “Find Cross-Platform Friends.”

6) Enter your friend’s Minecraft ID or Gamertag, then click “Add Friend.” If you’ve had a bad experience, you can also use this screen to block or report them. If typing complex gamer tags on your console controller aren’t your thing, you can use the Xbox One app to add friends regardless of the platform.

6) Check the box next to the friend’s name and click “Send 1 Invite.”

All you have to do now is sit back and wait for your friend to accept the invitation, and they’ll be dropped into your “Minecraft” world in no time. When they’re online, they’ll now appear under “Online Friends.”

Adding friends in Minecraft is simple, but because there are two versions of the game, it can be perplexing. If you want to add friends from other platforms, make sure you’re all playing the same game.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the version that is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, mobile devices, and the Nintendo Switch. You will be unable to use crossplay if you have Minecraft Java.

Adding friends from other platforms

1) Enter the pause menu and then, on the right side of the screen, click the “invite friends” tab.

2) Once there, it will display available friends on your current platform.

3) From here, you’ll be able to find cross-platform friends.

4) This will bring you to a search bar, where you can enter your friend’s Microsoft account Gamertag, and send a friend request.

You can begin exploring your own worlds or a shared realm after sending a friend invite to their Microsoft account. Keep in mind that you must enable crossplay before creating a world and inviting your friends.

How to Invite a Friend While Playing a Game

Players can easily invite their friends while playing Minecraft. To do so, open the menu and then click the “Invite to Game” button on the right side of the screen.

This will bring up a menu with a list of all of one’s online and offline friends, including those who aren’t playing Minecraft. From here, one can send invitations to multiple people at once by checking the box next to the names of those with whom one wishes to build and explore.

Activities to Do With Your Friends in a Minecraft World

Traditional Hobbies

Players can have a great time building various types of structures with their friends, as they have for the past ten years. The advantage of doing this alone is that construction will be much faster and likely in the midst of relaxed conversation. Gamers can construct extravagant houses, entire villages, or even crazier structures—the only limit is one’s imagination!

Players can also embark on epic quests to discover fascinating biomes and hidden treasures. Alternatively, one’s party can enter the Nether or The End for various dimension expeditions full of danger and rare loot.

Minecraft’s Newest Experiments

With the plethora of mods that have been created since the game’s release, players can essentially turn Minecraft into a completely different game if they so desire. There are fantastic visual mods that can completely transform the aesthetics of a blocky world, affecting the textures, lighting, and even some of the game’s weather and physics. These changes will also affect one’s character skins, giving gamers and their friends a new look.

There are also some awesome gameplay mods to check out, such as those that can introduce elements that are both novel and familiar for a twist that allows players to try some new things.

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