How to Add Friends in Street Fighter 6

How to Add Friends in Street Fighter 6: The next installment in Capcom’s fighting game series, Street Fighter 6, aims to revolutionize the fighting experience. A new combat hub, an arcade mode, and fights that award rankings are among the various fight styles available.

How to Add Friends in Street Fighter 6

You can engage in world tour mode, tournaments, unranked matches, and casual matches. There is no disputing that Street Fighter 6 offers a ton of activities. However, it is arguable that the best way to play Street Fighter is, with a friend.

Street Fighter 6 offers a wide range of multiplayer options to suit your needs, whether settling scores or relaxing with friends and family. Online gaming is a little trickier to understand than local multiplayer because you must turn on another controller and sit next to someone else on the couch.

So, without any further ado, let us take a look at how to add friends in Street Fighter 6 and understand how multiplayer works in the game.

How to Add Friends in Street Fighter 6

You must carry out the following actions in Street Fighter 6 in order to add friends:

  • Start Street Fighter 6.
  • Once you are in the main menu, select “open CFN players list” by pressing the designated button.
  • After that, select the Keyword Search category under the Search tab.
  • You can then type in your friend’s login code or player name.
  • Simply tap their player card once it appears to bring up the “Send Friend Request” menu.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that regardless of the platform you’re using to play, you must first create a Capcom ID in order to access the game. No matter how hard you or your friend search, you won’t be able to find each other if you don’t have one.

Fortunately, the procedure is rather simple, and you may even complete it via the official website. Once it’s finished and you or your friend accepts the invitation, you should be able to invite each other for a brief session in either the Fighting Grounds or Battle Hub modes of the game.

How to Add and Play with Friends in Street Fighter 6

You must first have a Capcom ID to play online with buddies. If not, create one. Link your account to your Xbox, PlayStation, or Steam account once you have one. Other than the game, nothing more needs to be downloaded.

Now that it is over, start the game and continue past the title screen. You will then have a few choices for online gaming. The Fighting Grounds comes first. You can invite people from your Capcom friends list here. Here, you may also set up local competitions.

The combat hub is the second way to play online. You can use your avatar to explore the hub. By interacting with the various consoles, you can start playing games. Even tutorials and difficult battles can be finished here. Only friends who are on the same regional server as you are able to join you here.

when you want to take part in various sorts of combat, such as team fighting mode or competitive clashes. You will earn experience points, awards, and fight money from these fights. Simply be sure to get a couple of solid combos or you’ll lose.

Street Fighter 6 is cross-platform and cross-play compatible; it is vital to remember. This implies that gamers can play online with one another whether they are using a PC, Xbox Series X, or PlayStation. The battle lounge connects each of the many consoles.

Online gaming has several advantages, including the opportunity to earn awards and outfits for your character. You can proceed to the event counter in the combat hub to take part in tasks for rewards.

How to Add Friends in Street Fighter 6

Does Street Fighter 6 have Crossplay?

Full cross-play is enabled by default in Street Fighter 6, so you are not limited to playing with only your pals on the same system. You can play with your buddies in any configuration, regardless of where you are.

It’s important to note that you can turn off this option if, for any reason, you don’t want cross-play. However, it is not advised because it significantly lowers the amount of online people you may play with, resulting in longer match wait times. Additionally, it implies that you will need to share a platform with all of your friends.

Can You Invite Friends to Play Offline?

No, it is not essential for you to invite friends to play offline. All you need is a friend to play with and a second controller. LAN connections will not function in such cases.

On the same console, you must first connect the two controllers before you may play offline with a friend. Set up a local match by going to the battle arena in the game. A huge list of characters, including Luke, Chun-li, Ken, Ryu, Akuma, and Rashid, are then available for you to pick from. In DLC, there will be more characters available.

By switching your settings to classic controls in the fight hub, you may also alter how the game feels to you. Veterans will get a greater sense of the game this way, but modern controls are also available. For both online and off-line play, both control schemes are excellent options.

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