How to Beat The Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16

How to Beat The Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16: Embark on a thrilling journey through the immersive world of Final Fantasy 16, where formidable adversaries await to test your mettle. Among these powerful foes stands The Holy Trumpitour, a B-Rank Notorious Mark that poses a significant challenge for even the most seasoned adventurers. Defeating this mighty enemy requires a combination of strategic thinking, skillful execution, and a deep understanding of its weaknesses. 

The Holy Trumpitour, a cannoneer-type enemy armed with a mortar, possesses devastating attacks that can quickly deplete your health. To conquer this formidable foe, you must understand its weaknesses, exploit strategic opportunities, and utilize your party’s abilities effectively. By employing a combination of precise dodging, strategic use of Eikons, and timely execution of Ignis’ abilities, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

In this article, we will explain How to Beat the Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16? and emerge victorious. From exploiting its weaknesses to utilizing Ignis’s abilities and Eikons, we’ll cover everything you need to know to triumph over this challenging boss.

How to Beat The Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16

The Holy Trumpitour is weak against fire attacks. Exploit this weakness by using fire-based abilities and summoning Eikons with fire abilities, such as Ifrit, to deal maximum damage.

How to Beat The Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16

Mastering Ignis Abilities To Beat The Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16


Ignis’ Regroup ability is particularly useful in this fight. It can heal you and your party, providing much-needed support during intense moments.


Ignis’ Enhancement ability can be utilized to boost your attack power, giving you an advantage in damaging the Holy Trumpitour.

Unleashing Eikons

Do not hesitate to summon Eikons during the battle. Eikons, such as Bahamut or Shiva, possess powerful attacks that can deal significant damage to the Holy Trumpitour.

Holy Trumpitour Attack Breakdown

Mortar Combo

The Holy Trumpitour performs two lunging sweeping attacks with its mortar, followed by an overhead smash. Dodge the lunging attacks and time your dodge for the overhead smash.

Explosive Shells

The Holy Trumpitour fires four explosive shells from its mortar. Dodge these projectiles to avoid taking damage.


The Holy Trumpitour walks toward you, spraying flames from the tip of its mortar. Dodge through the flames towards the boss and then retreat to a safe distance.


The Holy Trumpitour jumps into the air and slams its mortar on the ground, creating stalagmites. Dodge as the mortar hits the ground to avoid the attacks.


The Holy Trumpitour charges towards you by riding on the side of its mortar. Dodge when it gets close to avoid the attack.


The Holy Trumpitour digs its mortar into the ground, causing explosions and stalagmites to erupt. Stay mobile and dodge the explosions to avoid damage.

Strategies for Success

Stay on the Move

The Holy Trumpitour’s attacks are devastating, so constant movement is crucial. Avoid standing still, as it makes you an easy target.

Timing is Key

Study the Holy Trumpitour’s attack patterns and timing to anticipate its moves. This knowledge will help you dodge effectively and find openings for counter-attacks.

Exploit Vulnerable Moments: Look for opportunities to strike when the Holy Trumpitour finishes its attacks or during its moments of vulnerability. Timing your offensive moves correctly can turn the tide of battle.


Defeating the Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16 requires a combination of strategy, utilizing Ignis abilities, exploiting weaknesses, and unleashing the power of Eikons. Stay agile, learn its attack patterns, and strike at the right moments to emerge victorious. By following these tips and employing a smart battle approach, you’ll increase your chances of defeating the Holy Trumpitour and progressing further in the game. For more in-depth strategies, tips, and guides, be sure to visit Gameophobic.

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