How to Become a Cop in GTA V?

How to Become a Cop in GTA V: GTA V can be played in a lot of ways and one among them is playing as a cop. If you have still not figured out how to become a cop in GTA V then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you the ways in which you can play GTA V as a cop.

There are numerous RP GTA 5 online waiters like No Pixel, for illustration, that are showing players just how delightful it can be to roll as a cop. However, you have arrived at the right place, If you want to drop the life of crime and are wondering how to be a bobby in GTA 5 offline without using any mods. the moment we will show you how to come to a bobby in GTA offline step- by step.

The easiest way to be a Cop in GTA V

Getting a cop in GTA 5 offline is as simple as stealing a cop auto. After stealing the bobby auto, players need to head over to Rockstar Editor in the Settings menu and select Director Mode. This model is designed to make it easier for players to get cinematic screenshots and footage while playing GTA 5. Once the Director Mode is enabled, players need to elect the LSDP option in the Actors section( upper left-hand corner) and click on exigency services. Now, the character( Frank, Trevor, or Michael) will be dressed in a cop’s livery.

Cop car in gta v

How to become a Cop in GTA V online?

Who knew that getting a bobby can be so important fun in GTA 5 offline? For formerly, you’ll get to be the bone who’s chasing the burglars. nevertheless, let’s go ahead and check the full companion on how to come to a bobby in GTA 5.

Did you see some of your favorite Twitch pennants roleplaying as police officers in GTA 5 online and suppose that it’s a cool experience? Joining notorious RP serves like No Pixel is really delicate and getting assigned the part of a bobby is indeed harder, the stylish way to do this is to play GTA 5offline. However, you have arrived at the right place, If you don’t know how to come to a bobby in GTA offline. Then at TechListOnline, we’ve hours to spend playing GTA 5 and we will show you how to come to a bobby in GTA. Follow the companion below-

  • Steal a police auto;
  • Access Rockstar Editor – Director Mode;
  • Now pick the LSPD option in the Actors menu( upper left-hand corner);
  • Click on Emergency Services;
  • Now, your character will transfigure into a cop.
Be a cop in GTA V


Now that you have come to be a cop in GTA 5 offline, the question that remains is what can you do? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer any cop-exclusive operations as you would get in former duplications of the game where you could work as a cop. The stylish thing that you can do as a bobby in GTA 5 offline is to follow other cops around the megacity and help them break problems.

Can you be a cop in GTA V story mode?

The GTA 5 Story Mode doesn’t give players the option to play as a cop and do operations. Still, they can steal a police auto and use the director mode to dress their favorite character in a full bobby livery.

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