How to Become an Esports Player and Make Money

How to Become an Esports Player and Make Money: Just play video games for a month and you’ll have enough money to live on. Yes, you read it correctly!

How to Become an Esports Player and Make Money

Players can earn a tonne of money playing popular competitive games like PUBG Mobile, CS: GO, LOL, and Freefire tournaments. Gamers who are prepared to switch from their regular sports to esports will find a wealth of opportunities as the esports business expands.

People were compelled to stay inside their homes during a lockdown, where they were forced to play video games in the same arena. It was at this point that esports started to become a major source of entertainment for gamers.

So without any further ado, let us dive right into our blog on How to Become an Esports Player and Make Money.

How to Become an Esports Player and Make Money: Passion or Skill?

Gamers are becoming more and more confident investing money in gaming because of cutting-edge technology like the play-to-earn paradigm. Esports has plenty to offer, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. And it’s absolutely amazing how quickly the esports sector expanded, going from $194 million in 2014 to $1.3 billion in 2021.

Esports is a game that requires skill and enthusiasm if we’re talking about how much money can be made from it. Your consistency is fueled by your passion, and your professionalism in gaming is evident. Competence and consistency are both essential components of every game. Whereas consistency on the other side will assist gain a competitive advantage and statistics, abilities like player management and strong financial management can work as a catalyst to help one achieve the top.

As a result, it is a game where you may make a lot of money using both your skills and your love for it.

Esports – Career Prospects

Esports are centered around competitive video games in many genres. These consist of numerous games, such as Valorant, Clash of Clans, DOTA2, and PUBG. Gamers can participate in competitions and win significant prize money by signing contracts with prominent esports teams. Along with the prize money, players that participate in gaming competitions have the opportunity to explore the world.

What other methods are esports fantasy players using to monetize their gaming abilities and passion?

Let us explore that in detail next.


The most popular method of generating income in esports is streaming. While playing games like Dota 2, CS: GO, PUBG, or others, the most well-known broadcasters make thousands of dollars each month.

There are currently a lot of video game streaming services available, including Twitch, YouTube, and others.

The most popular broadcasters are competent, if not masters, at the games they are streaming. By connecting with viewers, they also develop a strong community. Finally, it’s crucial to market oneself online and through your website. You can read one of the numerous guides on how to succeed as a streamer since there are plenty of them available. Aspiring streamers can also learn some ideas for self-promotion from this post.


You must be aware of what is permitted and prohibited if you are interested in placing bets on Esports contests. Legal betting has several benefits, however illegal betting has few protections because it is frequently controlled by criminals. Because professionals divulge the odds, you have a better chance of winning. Because legal betting is governed by government regulations, it is also fully safe.


There are several prospects for advertisers in the esports sector. Tournament organizers might offer unique advertising space to event sponsors on the stage where they host their tournaments. Additionally, they had the option of running advertisements during live broadcasts from the event site. They could substantially raise their revenue by doing this.

How to Become an Esports Player and Make Money


A sponsorship is a deal a business makes with a certain player or club. A sponsor pays a person or group to use their name on clothing, equipment, or social media profiles under such an agreement. This arrangement often continues until the conclusion of a predetermined contract or until one of the parties chooses to discontinue it.

Every sponsor appreciates the audience that their commercial will reach, so they typically pay more to players who can spread the word about their goods to a wider audience. For instance, a sponsor would pay an English-speaking professional gamer more money than a German one if they wanted to advertise in the English-speaking market.

Trade of Cosmetics

Although it’s difficult to understand how gaming skins may be profitable, numerous services let you exchange skins for actual cash. You could even sell them back for cash and make some money from them.

Betting on Esport Tournaments

One of the earliest methods of making money in Esports is through wagering on competitions. When betting on esports, there are two sorts of bets: match and event bets. Predicting the outcome of a single game between two teams constitutes a match bet. You can wager on events by predicting the outcome of a competition (or portion of a tournament).

Betting on Esports tournaments rather than individual games has one key advantage. When you wager on a single game, you are competing with a single bettor who is doing the same thing. However, your odds of winning are substantially higher if you wager on a competition that has many players. This is because you might boost your chances of winning by placing multiple bets on various teams. Try to wager on larger events with more competitors, like DreamHack Masters or The International, if you want to make money betting on esports competitions.

Esports Industry

Even if you have no prior experience playing video games professionally, it is still feasible to make money in the Esports industry. There are many distinct jobs, and each one calls for varying levels of skill and industry knowledge. Writing about the news or investigating the reasons behind events in the industry are a few of these tasks, as are developing content marketing materials for businesses or games, producing graphics for digital assets like flyers and posters, and reviewing games.

To Sum Up

As you can see, there are numerous ways to profit from eSports, and the best part is that you may select the one(s) that are most effective for you. If you’re a fantastic gamer, you might consider streaming and skin swapping as options. If not, however, alternative options like betting, advertising, and sponsorships are equally effective.

That concludes our guide on how to become an esports player and earn money. Also, read Top 5 Realistic Sports Video Games.

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