How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact?

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact? Genshin Impact players will come upon an adventurer named Dr. Livingstone at the lake in the Dadaupa Gorge section. She is attempting to breach an energy barrier near the lake, where the graves of the fallen are marked with swords since she believes there is a treasure within. Players that assist her will receive a portion of the rewards.

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact?

The Sword Cemetery in Dadaupa Lake in Genshin Impact has extremely valuable loot, including several treasure chests. To access the cemetery, players must first breach the tri-seal, which can be difficult.

Keeping that in mind, here is a complete guide on how to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact.

Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact: Location

The Sword Cemetery is located in Mondstadt, near the Dadaupa Gorge. When approached by the NPC, Dr. Livingstone will disclose that she has been unsuccessful in breaking the seals. She informs them of three adjacent Hilichurl camps and suspects that each camp is related to a seal. Based on this knowledge, we may conclude that disbanding each of the Hilichurl camps is the best strategy to shatter the tri-seal.

Each camp has a pedestal with a different elemental sign inscribed on it; to interact with the pedestals and break each seal, you’ll need a Pyro, Cryo, or Electro character. If you’ve completed the major tasks and have Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa at your party, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact

Let us now dive in and understand step-by-step, what needs to be done in order to complete the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact.

Speak with Dr. Livingston

Dr. Livingston may be found in the eastern section of Teyvat by the enormous lake in Dadaupa Gorge, Mondstadt. She will request that you shatter the tri-seal for the sword cemetery, which is located in the middle of a big lake.

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact?

The tri-seal is actually three independent seals located in three different sites, as seen on the map below.

Dr. Livingston and the Sword Cemetery are represented by the red dot in the water. The other three dots represent the locations of the seals.

Southwest Seal Location

To the southwest of Dadaupa Lake, there is a little pond with an Electro monument in the center and a valuable chest.

You must battle the Wooden Shield Mitachurl boss here. This adversary has a large shield to protect itself, so attempt to strike it from behind and focus on the open regions not protected by the barrier.

After defeating the Mitachurl boss, the first seal will be broken in a short cutscene.

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact?

Southeast Seal Location

The initial Hilichurl camp will be immediately northwest of the Dadaupa Gorge and will necessitate the interaction of an Electro character with the pillar there. To activate the pillar and break this seal, you must first battle the Hilichurls camped here.

A little village with a Pyro monument can be found to the southeast of the lake.

You must battle three sorts of opponents here:

  • Wooden Shield Mitachurl
  • Shamachurl
  • Cryo Abyss Mage

After beating them, the seal will be broken, revealing a valuable chest.

Northern Seal Location

This final camp lies southeast of the Sword Cemetery and will necessitate the use of a Pyro ability to be cast on the pedestal here. To progress, defeat the opponents and a cutscene will play, showing the tri-seal being lifted from the site.

A battle arena guarded by the Cryo monument may be found to the north of the lake.

You will face three waves of foes here:

  • 5x Slimes
  • 5x Shamachurls
  • Wooden Shield Mitachurl

Survive the first three rounds. The third seal will also be shattered. It will produce two ordinary chests and two magnificent chests.

Breaking the Sword Cemetery Seal

Return to Dadaupa Lake once all three monuments have been activated to unlock the chest and get your reward. You’ll be rewarded with a four-star Artifact, as well as a Mystic Enhancement Ore and a Northlander Claymore Billet for forging. Completing this quest also allows you to accept Dr. Livingstone’s occasional Transport Requests, so be sure to check in with her now and then.

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