How to Breed Polar Bears Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Breed Polar Bears Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Polar Bears are one of two varieties of bears found in Minecraft and are neutral Mobs. They’re huge and cuddly, just like Pandas.

How to Breed Polar Bears Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Polar Bears, unlike Pandas and most other Mobs, cannot be bred in Minecraft. They, too, cannot be domesticated.

I’ll show you a couple of methods for how to breed Polar Bears in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that will still allow you to engage with them while maintaining the same level of fun during gameplay.

Where to Find Polar Bears in Minecraft

Cold biomes are home to Polar Bears. Frozen Rivers, Frozen Oceans, Snowy Plains, and Ice Spikes are all examples of this. They can be found wandering the icy terrain alone or in groups of two to three.

If you’re looking for a family of Polar Bears, that is, a group with a Cub, you should look for groups with three or more members.

These are less common, but in larger groupings, the odds of a Cub spawning with adult Polar Bears are substantially higher.

It is vital to remember, however, that Polar Bears are a neutral Mob. This means that if they or their Cubs are provoked, they can and will attack the player. A Polar Bear will attack the player in Bedrock Edition if they get too close to them or their Cubs.

Using Spawn Eggs to Breed Polar Bears in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Using Spawn Eggs gives you the best chance of receiving a Cub. You can obtain these by entering Creative Mode and selecting them from the Miscellaneous menu. Additionally, you can also use the ‘/give’ command.

You do not need to switch game modes for the command and can continue to obtain Bears while in Survival mode. The Polar Bear Spawn Egg command is as follows:

/assign [playername] minecraft:polar_bear_spawn_egg [number]

The [playername] will be your in-game username (or anyone else’s), and the number can be anything you wish. By default, if you do not enter a number, you will receive a single Spawn Egg.

You’ll need at least three Eggs, or use them three times if you’re in Creative Mode. You may require more because, in the end, everything is up to chance.

Using Spawn Eggs If there are already adults of any species, the chances of a baby spawning should increase. This also applies to Polar Bears.

Alternative to Breed Polar Bears in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

We explained how to build a Polar Bear habitat as an option for taming them in one of our previous articles. Unfortunately, we can’t connect more with these Mobs, but finding alternative ways to employ them and keep them close comes in handy

Adding Cubs to your Polar Bear enclosure could be the ideal solution. Who doesn’t want to see adorable newborn Bears?

Putting them in a lovely chilly home with plenty of snow and snowfall will make them very happy.

The only problem with this is that the Cubs will eventually mature. Their growth cannot be expedited by feeding them, but they will eventually mature. Having said that, you’ll only have Cubs for a brief time before being surrounded by a swarm of huge Polar Bears.

Furthermore, even if you cannot tame the Polar Bears once you have them where you want them, you can still use a Name Tag. Using the Name Tag to give them a name prevents them from despawning.

Unfortunately, a Name Tag cannot be created and must instead be found in chests, fished for, or purchased from Villagers for Emeralds.

I usually find it easier to simply fish for Name Tags, especially because Minecraft allows you to build AFK fishing farms.

Lead Recipe in Minecraft

  • 4 String
  • 1 Slimeball

Because Polar Bears cannot be tamed and hence cannot be fed, they cannot be led from one location to another using a food item.

How to Breed Polar Bears Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The recipe for crafting a Lead may be shown in the image below. String may be obtained from Spiders, and Slime can be obtained from Slimes found in Caves or Swamp biomes.

You’ll need to utilize a Lead to get them to where you want them to go.

Whether it’s an enclosure or another build you’ve prepared for them. Keep in mind that Polar Bears can be aggressive and cause a lot of cardiac damage.

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