How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator

How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) is a cutting-edge aviation simulation game that immerses players in a realistic flying experience. With so many planes accessible in the game, it’s easy to get lost when choosing an aircraft.

How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator

 The option to move between aircraft and customize them with liveries, skins, and add-ons is one of the game’s most fascinating elements. 

In this article, we will give an insight into How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator and customize them with different add-ons and liveries.

Liveries and Aircraft Skins

To add a livery to your plane, you’ll need to download it from a third-party website or the in-game marketplace. The marketplace features a wide range of liveries and skins created by the community, and some are even free to download.

To add skins to your plane, first, locate the file on your computer. The file should be in zip or rar format. Extract the file, and you’ll find a folder containing the livery or skin. Next, open the “Community” folder in your MSFS installation directory. This is where all your add-ons and liveries will be stored.

Create a new folder inside the Community folder and name it something like “Liveries” or “Skins.” Copy the folder containing the livery or skin into the new folder you just created. Restart MSFS, and your new livery or skin should be available to use on your plane.

Microsoft flight simulator Add-Ons

Add-ons can enhance the gameplay experience and add new features to the game. To add an add-on to your game, follow a similar process as adding a livery. 

First, download the add-on from a third-party website or the in-game marketplace. Extract the file and copy the folder containing the add-on into the Community folder in your MSFS installation directory.

To activate the add-on, open the game and go to the “Options” menu. Select “General,” then “Developers.” Here, you’ll find an option to “Enable Developer Mode.” Turn this on and restart the game.

Once the game is restarted, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Virtual Reality (VR) Aircraft Editor.” Here, you can select your aircraft and add the add-on to it. The add-on should now be available in your game.

How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator

How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The first step in changing planes in MSFS is selecting the aircraft that you want to fly. To do this, open the main menu and select the “Aircraft” tab. Here, you’ll find a wide range of planes, from small prop planes to large commercial jets. Select the plane you want to fly, and it will load into the game.

Once your aircraft is loaded, you can customize it with different liveries, skins, and add-ons. Liveries are essentially paint jobs for your plane, while skins change the texture of the plane. Add-ons are third-party mods that can enhance the plane’s performance, add new features, or improve the visuals of the game.

Flight Controls and How to Change Planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator

First, leave the game and save your current flight. Return to the main menu and click the “Aircraft” tab. Select the plane you wish to fly and launch a new flight.

After you’ve loaded your new aircraft, you’ll need to set the flying controls. This is significant since each plane has its own set of controls. Go to the “Options” menu, then “Controls,” and finally “Control Options.” You may customize your controls to fit the new jet you’re flying here.

Also, here are the steps to change aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator using the DEV mode:

  1. Enable Developer Mode: Press the ESC key in the simulator and go to the “General” options from the main menu. Click on the “Developers” tag and turn on “Developer Mode”. A new black bar will appear. Apply and save changes by pressing F11.
  2. Find the Aircraft Selector Menu: With Developer Mode enabled, click on “Windows” from the black bar and then select “Aircraft Selector”.
  3. Select Your New Aircraft: A new window will pop up, listing all aircraft and liveries. Double-click on the aircraft you wish to load. Wait for it to load up.
  4. Clean Up: Once the aircraft is loaded, close the “Aircraft Selector” box with the X icon. Clean up your interface for a distraction-free flight.

To remove the “Developer Mode” bar, simply hover over “[Developer Mode]” and click on “Exit [Developer Mode]”.

Flight Simulator Gameplay and Flying Experience

Once you have changed planes in MSFS, it’s time to enjoy the flying experience. MSFS provides a realistic and immersive flying experience, with detailed and realistic landscapes, weather, and aircraft models. As you fly, you can make use of the flight controls to maneuver the plane and explore the virtual world.

To enhance your flying experience, you can also make use of MSFS add-ons and flight simulator mods. These add-ons can include liveries, aircraft skins, and other customization options. With these add-ons, you can further personalize your aircraft and enhance your overall flying experience.

Liveries and aircraft skins are popular add-ons that allow you to customize your aircraft’s look. These can range from basic color changes to more complex designs, such as those used by real-world airlines or military aircraft. There are a plethora of websites and online groups where you can locate and download MSFS liveries and aircraft skins.

In addition to liveries and aircraft skins, there are also many other MSFS add-ons available that can improve your flying experience. These can include new aircraft models, airport scenery enhancements, weather and environment enhancements, and more. With the variety of add-ons available, you can customize and enhance every aspect of your MSFS experience.


Changing planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator is a straightforward process that allows you to explore the full range of aircraft available in the game. By selecting different aircraft, you can experience different flying characteristics and explore different parts of the virtual world. Additionally, by using MSFS add-ons and flight simulator mods, you can further customize your aircraft and enhance your overall flying experience.

With its detailed landscapes, weather, and aircraft models, MSFS allows you to experience the joy of flight in a whole new way. By changing planes and exploring the virtual world, you can enjoy endless hours of entertainment and discovery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. So, get ready to take to the skies and start exploring the world of MSFS today!

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