How To Cure Frostbite in Starfield

How To Cure Frostbite in Starfield: Starfield has a variety of unique and creative perks/buffs that can help you on your journey in a variety of ways. There is no shortage of buffs you can acquire to make yourself the strongest space cadet out there.

From lockpicking to combat, carry capacity to ship enhancements. There is also a noticeable variety of debuffs that can have a significant impact on some gameplay elements until they are removed.

How To Cure Frostbite in Starfield

Frostbite is one such debuff that players may have the misfortune of encountering. A very cold condition in which every time you take damage, your oxygen is depleted. Let us, in this blog, discuss Frostbite and how to cure frostbite in Starfield.

What is Frostbite in Starfield

Frostbite is one of several status ailments that have negative effects in Starfield. If you do not find a cure right away, you are likely to accumulate more afflictions with a variety of negative consequences.

While some debuffs can fade away on their own, it takes time. As a result, if you are about to engage in a difficult battle, you must understand how to treat Frostbite.

But here is a hint. When sorting through aid items, look for those that have the orange raindrops icon. In Starfield, all aid items with this icon can cure your Frostbite.

How To Cure Frostbite in Starfield

The first is an aid item, such as Heal Gel or Heal Paste, which will quickly remove the negative status effect. This is the most dependable method because you can use it while out in the field or relaxing with your shipmates.

How To Cure Frostbite in Starfield
  • Panacea is the best medical item to keep in your inventory at all times because it removes all negative status effects in Starfield.
  • Heal Gel and Heal Paste can be found in a variety of locations throughout Starfield. You can find them on corpses, as random drops in crates, or, more reliably, in first aid boxes that cling to the walls of most interiors.

Find a Doctor to cure Frostbite in Starfield

In Starfield, you can treat your Frostbites by visiting a medical facility with a doctor. They can be found in any major city settlement. Simply look for the Reliant Medical building.

A ship’s medical bay can also be used for the same purpose. One can be found near the weapons/gear vendors on the Crimson Fleet ship, for example.

Dr. Alexei Lebedev is probably the easiest doctor to find in New Atlantis. He owns and operates Reliant Medical, which is located west of The Lodge.

How To Cure Frostbite in Starfield

Speak with him and select the dialogue “I need help, doc” to cure and heal your Frostbite and any other ailments you may have.

You can also select the dialogue option “I could use some medical supplies” to access his shop menu. When there is no doctor nearby, you can purchase medical supplies that will heal you on the go.


Frostbite protection is completely broken in Starfield. Frostbite is unavoidable on planets with temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius, even with proper protection. Staying indoors, standing near a fire, or applying the remedies mentioned above are the only ways to avoid and resist frostbite in Starfield. Investing in cold-resistant gear is another option for increasing your Frostbite resistance in Starfield.


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