How to Defeat Worm in Lethal Company(Earth Leviathan)

How to Defeat Worm in Lethal Company(Earth Leviathan) Lethal Company is a game about collecting scrap on abandoned industrial planets. Your job at the company is to land on moons and explore the facilities built on them for valuable scrap and junk. The moons are host to many hostile creatures who hate guests and will try to eliminate anyone on them. One of these creatures is the Earth Leviathan, a giant worm-like creature that can burrow underground and attack you from below. In this article, we will show you how to defeat the worm in Lethal Company and survive its deadly attacks.

What is the Earth Leviathan and why is it dangerous?

The Earth Leviathan is a predator that can detect even the slightest vibrations and burrow as far as 40 meters underground. It can emerge from the ground and attack you with its powerful jaws, or spit acid at you from a distance. It can also create large craters and tunnels in the terrain, making it harder for you to move around and escape.

How to find the Earth Leviathan and trigger its appearance

The Earth Leviathan is a creature that spends most of its time underground and is not always visible on the map. However, you can spot its presence by looking for signs of its activity such as holes, mounds, or trails of dirt. Additionally, you can use your scanner to detect its location and movement. The Earth Leviathan will appear as a red dot on your radar. To trigger its appearance, you need to make enough noise or movement to attract its attention, such as shooting, running, or jumping. Once it senses you, it will emerge from the ground and start attacking you.

How to Defeat Worm in Lethal Company(Earth Leviathan)

How to fight the Earth Leviathan and defeat it in Lethal Company(Earth Leviathan)

  • Use explosives. Explosives are very effective against the Earth Leviathan, as they can deal a lot of damage and stun it for a few seconds. You can use grenades, rockets, mines, or C4 to blast the worm and make it vulnerable. You can also use explosives to destroy its acid spit, which can harm you if you touch it.
  • Aim for the head. The head is the weak spot of the Earth Leviathan, as it is the only part of its body that is not covered by armor. You can use your rifle, shotgun, or pistol to shoot the worm in the head and deal critical damage. You can also use your melee weapon to hit the head when it is close enough, but be careful not to get bitten.
  • Dodge and move. The Earth Leviathan is fast and agile, and can move in unpredictable ways. You need to dodge and move constantly to avoid its attacks and keep a safe distance. You can use your jetpack, grapple, or redeploy drone to move around the map quickly and escape from danger. You can also use the terrain and the structures to your advantage, such as hiding behind walls, pillars, or vehicles.

Conclusion for How to Defeat Worm in Lethal Company(Earth Leviathan)

The Earth Leviathan is one of the most challenging and dangerous enemies in Lethal Company, but it is not impossible to defeat. By following this guide, you can learn how to find, fight, and defeat the worm in Lethal Company and survive its deadly attacks. You can use the bestiary and Sigurd logs to learn about creatures in the Thistle Nebula, including the Earth Leviathan.

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