How to delete/remove friends in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a popular 5v5 MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that was originally designed for mobile phones. It’s reminiscent of games like DOTA but using a mobile format that is why it is a hit to its users. Eventually, the game has evolved and can also be played using a PC. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is created and published by Moonton and was released in July 2016.

This game is very popular in Asia as many as ten
a million accounts are known to have downloaded this game on the Google Play store. In online games especially in Mobile legend, the player can interact with the other player to communicate and give ideas. There are features to support their communication which are called chat rooms. In a chatroom, the player can chat with the team or enemy, Therefore, they are usually using a lot of emerging special languages that are used in mobile legend games, called register.


friends in Mobile Legends

From my perspective, Mobile Legends accents are mostly copied from League of Legends (LoL) because you can get the feels of LoL map and characters while playing ML. Because it features much of what players would expect from a PC MOBA like DOTA, League of Legends, or SMITE, including laning, jungling, item builds, hero roles, hero abilities, skins, and much more.
The interesting part with Mobile Legends is that you can buy your equipment even without going back to your fountain, and you don’t need to buy a potion as you had a spell called regen which will heal your health point for some time. This is a fast-paced game, where on one run you only need at least 10-20 minutes of gameplay to win or lose.

Some of the known Mobile Legends competitors on the mobile MOBA community are the following: Vainglory, Ace of Arenas, Heroes Evolved, Destiny of Thrones, Garena Arena of Valor, Heroes of Order & Chaos, Heroes of SoulCraft, and MOBA Duels. Most of these MOBA games have similarities with each other so expect to be confused on what MOBA game will you going to choose.

Mobile Data Consumption of Mobile Legends

Let’s start with How to remove/delete friends in Mobile Legends

This is all about Mobile Legends and How to delete/remove friends in Mobile Legends. If you want to get updated with those latest updates on how much data consumption takes place while playing these games and the latest features of these games.

Click the ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner of the main menu-> mailbox-> Friend page -> Click the one you want -> View Profile -> ‘trash Friend‘ on the right.

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Mobile Data Consumption of Mobile Legends

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