How To Disarm Traps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

How To Disarm Traps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is well-known among horror video game and film fans. The game does not need an introduction for die-hard aficionados, but it may be confusing for fresh audiences.

In the game, you begin as the victim, attempting to flee the Chainsaw Man and his family of evil. There is also a multiplayer mode, allowing friends to play together and have some extreme horror fun. The aim is to escape from the family.

Welcome to our helpful guide on how to disarm traps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre! If you enjoy horror games and want to know how to navigate the dangerous environment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you have come to the correct place.

How to Disarm Traps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The first step to disarming a trap in TCM is to locate it. Keep an eye out for any strange-looking things or areas that could be booby-trapped. Stay vigilant and observant since traps can range from tripwires to hidden pressure plates.

When you find a trap, proceed with caution. Remember, even in the virtual world, safety should always come first. Equip your character with any necessary equipment or items to assist in disarming the trap.

Traps can be disarmed in two methods in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Both are extremely different from one another, so let us go over them below.

How To Disarm Traps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Bone Scrap: This is the initial method for disarming traps. It is by far the simplest because you are not required to take a set route. Every character can make use of it.

Disarm Trap Perk: The Disarm Trap Perk can be used to disarm the traps. You will not have to utilize the Bone Scrap this way, but you will have to take that exact character with the perk.

Where to Find Bone Scraps

In Texas Chain Saw Massacre, traverse the map and look for bone mounds on the floor to find Bone Scraps. When you get close enough, you will be able to interact with the piles, and filling the meter will reward you with a Bone Scrap.

Fill the meter slowly to prevent making any noise and alerting family members.

You can also spam the button to acquire the Bone Scrap rapidly, but make sure to get away immediately because some Family members will be coming for you soon.

Some Tips and Tricks to Disarm Traps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Here are some useful tips and tricks that will allow you to quickly disarm the traps set by the family.

Choose the Right Character with Disarming Ability

To use the Disarm Trap Perk, choose a character with this special ability during character choosing before beginning gaming. Each character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre has their own set of powers and advantages, so pick wisely.

Locate Traps and Activate Your Perk

After you have selected a character with the Disarm Trap Perk, the following step is to find a trap. Identifying traps, like the Bone Scrap method, involves close observation and attention to detail. When you are close to a trap, use the Disarm Trap Perk by clicking the corresponding button or doing the perk’s authorized action.

Follow Prompts

When you activate the Disarm Trap Perk, your character will receive additional hints or cues to assist in properly disarming the trap. Specific button combinations or timed activities may be used in these prompts.

To ensure a perfect disarming of the trap, pay close attention and follow the directions on the screen. Prepare for difficulties that may come up during the disarming process, as some traps may have additional layers of complexity.


Finally, Texas Chainsaw Massacre allows players to disarm traps using two methods: Bone Scrap and the Disarm Trap Perk. The Bone Scrap method is available to all characters and routes, and it is a simple way to disable traps.

Using the Disarm Trap Perk, on the other hand, provides its own set of benefits but restricts your character selection. Remember to prioritize safety and remain attentive as you embark on your trip through the world of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Traps can be lethal and unpredictable, so approach with caution and expect the unexpected. Good luck, have fun, and may you emerge unhurt from the perilous realm of Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

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