How to Do Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6

How to Do Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6: In the heart-pounding world of Street Fighter 6, a new dimension of power and spectacle awaits. Prepare to enter a realm where battles are decided by a single devastating strike: the enigmatic Critical Arts. These game-changing special attacks hold the key to victory, capable of turning the tides of even the most intense encounters. 

How to Do Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6

Deep within the annals of Street Fighter 6, an intricate dance of life and death unfolds. A secret lies concealed within the battle-scarred warriors’ very essence – the power to unleash an unstoppable force. But heed this warning: only when a character’s health plummets to a perilous 25% or below can the dormant might within be awakened. It is in this desperate state that their Level 3 Super Art undergoes an astonishing transformation, giving birth to an extraordinary phenomenon known as the Critical Art.

This How to Do Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6 article, will unravel the mysteries surrounding Critical Arts, immersing ourselves in the tantalizing allure of these awe-inspiring techniques.

Mastering Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6

Health Threshold for Critical Arts

To activate a Critical Art, your character’s health must drop to 25% or below. This means that when you’re at a critical health level, you have the opportunity to unleash a devastating attack that can potentially turn the match in your favor.

Level 3 Super Art Transformation

How to Do Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6

When your character’s health reaches the critical threshold, their Level 3 Super Art transforms into a powerful Critical Art. This upgraded version of their special attack deals more damage and may have unique visual effects or even become a completely new move altogether.

Executing Critical Arts

Executing a Critical Art in Street Fighter 6 requires precise input commands. Each character has their own unique combination of inputs to activate their Critical Art. These inputs typically involve a sequence of directional inputs (such as forward, backward, or quarter-circle motions) combined with button presses.

Enhanced Power and Visual Effects

One of the most intriguing parts of Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6 is the increased strength and visual effects. When you successfully execute a Critical Art, your character’s strike becomes even more lethal, causing massive damage to your opponent. Furthermore, several Critical Arts have distinct visual changes that add a degree of flare to the technique.

Damage Variation and Special Cases

While most Critical Arts in Street Fighter 6 inflict 4,500 damage, there are exceptions to this standard. For instance, Zangief’s Critical Art, called the Bolshoi Storm Buster, deals more damage compared to others. This compensates for Zangief’s inability to combo into it from his special attacks, making it a potent tool for turning the tide of the battle in his favor.

Practice and Mastery

Mastering Critical Arts requires practice and familiarity with your character’s moveset. Spend time in training mode to understand the specific inputs required for your character’s Critical Art. Practice executing the commands until you can consistently perform the Critical Art during matches.

Critical Art Showcases

In Street Fighter 6, there are several impressive Critical Arts to choose from. Here, we highlight the top three Critical Arts that are considered the best in terms of power, visual appeal, and effectiveness:

  • Jamie’s Fist Duel: Jamie’s Critical Art transports players to a cinematic world inspired by Chinese Kung Fu movies. With lightning-fast strikes and stylish combinations, Jamie challenges opponents to a thrilling fist duel, paying homage to Kung Fu masters with a modern twist.
  • Cammy’s Delta Red Assault: Cammy’s Critical Art showcases her lethal combat style with precision and speed. Striking from multiple directions, Cammy’s agility and assassin-like prowess are highlighted. The move culminates in a powerful finishing kick, making Delta Red Assault a visually stunning spectacle.
  • Juri’s Sadistic Dominance: Juri’s Critical Art epitomizes power, sadism, and dominance. She toys with her opponents, showcasing exceptional agility before launching them into the air and delivering bone-crushing slams to the ground. Kansei Dankai Raku captures Juri’s sadistic nature while inflicting devastating blows.

Each Critical Art showcases the unique fighting style and flair of the respective characters, making them both satisfying to watch and devastating to experience.


Critical Arts are game-changing special attacks in Street Fighter 6 that can help you secure victory in intense battles. By understanding the health threshold, executing the specific inputs, and practicing your character’s Critical Art, you can unleash devastating moves and deal massive damage to your opponents. 

Explore each character’s unique Critical Art and experiment with different strategies to become a formidable force in the world of Street Fighter 6. For more such articles, visit Gameophobic.

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