How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16?

How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16? Greetings, fellow adventurers! If you’re diving into the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16, you’re in for a wild ride filled with epic battles and a vast realm to explore. However, let’s face it, trekking across Valisthea on foot or Chocobo can be time-consuming, and who wants that when there’s so much action to be had? Fear not! Final Fantasy 16 has your back with its nifty Fast Travel system.

How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16?

Fast Travel is the ultimate shortcut to get you from point A to point B in a flash, sparing you the tedium of long journeys. Just like in Final Fantasy XV, the game offers a convenient way to teleport between key locations, saving both Clive’s virtual legs and your precious real-time.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16?, from unlocking the feature to using it effectively.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16

Before you can take advantage of fast travel, you need to progress through the tutorial sections of the main campaign. Once you complete combat training with the Lord Commander, the fast travel feature will unlock.

Discovering Fast Travel Points

Fast travel points are marked on the world map with red pins, representing various key locations across Valisthea. As you explore the game, these points will become visible, allowing you to easily teleport between them.

Initiating Fast Travel

To use fast travel, press the Options button on your PS5 controller and access the map tab. On the world map, select the location you wish to visit and hold down the X button to initiate fast travel. You’ll be swiftly transported to your chosen destination.

Restrictions on Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16

While fast travel is a convenient way to move around Valisthea, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. Fast travel cannot be used during combat or certain missions. Additionally, some plot-specific moments may temporarily disable fast travel.

How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16?

Making the Most of Fast Travel

Fast travel is most beneficial when you need to reach main objectives quickly or backtrack to previous regions. As you progress through the game and complete sidequests, you’ll unlock more fast travel points, expanding your options for easy travel.

Using Chocobo Mounts

While fast travel is efficient, riding Chocobo mounts can also be enjoyable and offer a different perspective of the world. Consider using Chocobo mounts for leisurely exploration.

Planning Your Journeys

Before embarking on a new quest or adventure, consult the world map to plan your route and take advantage of available fast travel points. This will help you optimize your travels and reach your destinations without unnecessary detours.

The Importance of Fast Travel

In Final Fantasy 16, where time is of the essence, fast travel becomes a valuable asset. It allows you to focus on the main story, sidequests, and battles, reducing the time spent on tedious journeys.


With the fast travel system in Final Fantasy 16, exploring the vast world of Valisthea becomes much more manageable. Unlocking this feature early on in the game gives you the freedom to move swiftly between locations, enhancing your overall gaming experience. Remember to use fast travel strategically, plan your journeys wisely, and make the most of this convenient tool on your quest through Final Fantasy 16’s captivating universe. Now, embark on your epic adventure with confidence, and may your journey in Valisthea be nothing short of legendary!

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