How to Gain Energy in SCP-3008 Roblox

How to Gain Energy in SCP-3008 Roblox: SCP-3008 is a survival horror game created by ‘Uglyburger0’ on Roblox. This game helps players to live while they explore the limitless IKEA. The players, according to the SCP Foundation Story, must live in an infinite IKEA landscape populated by other players and employees.

How to Gain Energy in SCP-3008 Roblox

Consuming certain things in SCP-3008 will also provide you with additional health and energy. You should look for those products if they aren’t currently available to offer you additional energy and health.

So, how to gain energy in SCP-3008 Roblox? Let’s have a look at our guide below!

How to Get Energy in Roblox SCP-3008

Consumables can provide you with energy. They are the objects in SCP-3008 that provide you with extra health or energy. The consumables are spread among Plots and will be refreshed every Monday and Friday in-game.

Consumables can be saved in your inventory or placed in a furniture item, allowing you to save bigger amounts of stuff. However, more storage will be provided at the foot of the furniture in containers such as bathtubs or wardrobes.

Your first night will require a lot of energy. When you first start the game, keep an eye on your energy level since if it runs out, you will lose health quickly. Consuming food will recharge your energy levels. You will die and resurrect somewhere random if you run out of health. Without a waypoint, you’ll have a more difficult time finding your way back home.

How to Eat Consumable Items to Gain Energy in SCP-3008

Even though there is no button to allow your Roblox avatar to consume the things, eating consumables is rather simple. Make sure you have some food in your inventory before eating consumables. As previously stated, consumables can be found near the Plots.

Here’s how to acquire energy from consumables!

  • You must first unlock your stash (G).
  • When you’re in your inventory, click on the food, drink, or medkit you want to utilize.
  • You can then click on the food, drink, or medkit you have, and you may need to click and hold it at times.
  • After that, use the ‘Q’ key to activate the control box.
  • Then, press the key to which you want the control to be linked, and you may need to adjust those controls as well.

Okay, so that’s how you eat the consumables in SCP-3008 to generate energy.

For additional details, the Larger Food Things plot was one of four plots in SCP-3008 that created consumable objects at random. There are 7 pizza pieces, two beverages, one meatball plate, a can of beans, and a Dr. Bob in this layout.

Which Consumables Help to Gain Energy in SCP-3008 Roblox

There are several consumables that you must locate in SCP-3008. Medkits, food, drinks, and other consumables are available here. Here’s a list of commodities you should look for in SCP-3008 to acquire energy!


This is a healing item that looks like a red box with a grey handle and fastenings. Each time you drink it, it can heal 30 health points. They are found in the Medkits plot, where they appear in groups of four or more.


There are numerous foods that will improve your health and energy levels. They are as follows:

  • Pizza: When you eat it, you will gain +1 health and +8 energy. Pizza may be found in the Cafeteria in groups of eight within its box next to the hot dogs.
  • Beans: They are not a good source of energy because they deplete 15 health when consumed while providing 20 energy.
  • Meatball: When consumed, it provides 32 Energy and 1 Health. They can be found in the cafeteria.
  • Apple: It will provide you with 25 energy and 7 health and is available in the cafeteria.
  • Lemon: It will provide you with 13 energy and 7 health benefits. They will appear twice in each narrative.
  • Burger: Consuming it will provide you 30 energy and 1 health, and it will spawn 6 times per plot.
  • Banana: When consumed, it provides 10 energy and 9 health and can be found in the Cafeteria.
  • Hot Dog: Consuming one will grant you 20 energy and 4 health and will spawn in the Cafeteria.
  • Striped Donut: Consuming one will provide you with 70 energy and 8 health, and they will spawn in the Cafeteria.
  • Chips: Consuming them will provide you 15 with energy and 1 health, and they will spawn in the cafeteria.
  • Ice Cream: Consuming it will grant you 35 energy and 3 health, and it will spawn three times in the Snack. Shop
  • Chocolate: Consuming it will provide you with 85 energy and 3 health, which will spawn within the floating house.


You will be given a variety of refreshments to help with your health and vitality. They are as follows:

  • Soda: When consumed, it gives you 25 energy and 5 health and will spawn in the cafeteria.
  • 2 Litre Dr. Bob: When you ingest it, you will gain 40 energy and lose 5 health points. They’ll appear at the cafeteria.
  • Dr. Bob: Consuming it will give you 30 energy and 2 health, and it will spawn in the Snack Shop.
  • Water: Consuming it will provide you 10 with energy and 4 health, and it will spawn in the cafeteria and Checkered Kitchen.

Other Items

SCP-3008 will provide you with two more foods for improved health and energy. They are as follows:

  • Burger Car: This will drain 9223372036854775808 (inf) Energy and 9223372036854775808 (inf) Health from VIP servers found in the VIP tab, Spawn command of the Mod Menu.
  • Jeff: This is a prop that is only available on VIP servers. When you drink it, you will gain 100 energy and 100 health.

These are the consumables that will provide you with extra energy and health.

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