How to Get 5-star Artifacts in Genshin Impact

How to Get 5-star Artifacts in Genshin Impact: The Gear system in Genshin Impact mainly relies on artifacts to substantially enhance your power level.

How to Get 5-star Artifacts in Genshin Impact

5-star artifacts are the highest grade of Gear available, and they all offer unique set benefits that you may experiment with.

This article will teach you how to get 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact and which sets to farm for.

What Are 5-Star Artifacts?

5-star relics are the most effective way to boost your character’s strength level. This will be your “endgame” gear for your characters as long as they roll correctly. It can have up to four sub-stats, and you can improve it to +20 to acquire extra stats to roll for.

This also implies that getting the finest rolls for your 5-star item will require more “RNG.” Each 4-level improvement to your 5-star artifacts will increase 1 random sub-stat, and if you have terrible or flat rolls, you should avoid upgrading those sub-stats.

Best Way to Get 5-star Artifacts Early

Weekly bosses are the greatest means to obtain 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact. The two world bosses you should do every week to obtain your 5-star artifacts are Stormterror Dvalin and Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves.

If you’re lucky, at adventure rank 30 or world level 3, this can already drop 5-star artifacts. The drop rate of the Genshin artifact is not yet known, however, it has a good possibility of appearing.

However, at adventure rank 35 or world level 4, it nearly drops at a 100% rate because I already have 6 5-star artifacts after completing each of the weekly world monsters 6 times. It is advisable to use your Fragile Resins to power level your account to adventure rank 35 so you can start farming 5-star artifacts with decent rolls for your characters.

Nine Pillars of Peace World Quest

When you finish the Nine Pillars of Peace global quest, you will get a 5-star relic. This is one of the most difficult to accomplish, although it is accessible and may be completed as soon as you visit the Liyue region.

To activate this global quest, you must get a Stone of Remembrance for each pillar. In order to activate it, you must ascend to the top of the pillars and discover the Stone of Remembrance hole. To obtain the 9 Stone of Remembrance, you must first improve the Statue of the Seven to level 10, which will need a large quantity of Geoculus. This will be the most difficult portion since you will need to collect all of the Geoculus in the Liyue area.

This is one of the quickest methods to obtain a 5-Star relic, but it is often ignored because it is difficult to remember which Geoculus you have found and which are still available.

Best 5-star Artifact Sets in Domains

When you reach adventure rank 40 or world level 5, artifact domains will start dropping 5-star artifacts. While drop rates are still quite low at this level, it will be the most effective approach to begin farming 5-star artifact sets. You may still farm artifacts from domains before attaining adventure level 40, although this is mostly for upgrading nice 5-star artifacts in the future.

Viridescent Veneer 5-star Artifact Set

How to Get 5-star Artifacts in Genshin Impact

Because of the length of Venti’s elemental blasts, he is one of the finest supports in the game. Using combinations while his elemental burst is active will shred all foes caught in it, especially when combined with other elemental responses such as Superconduct.

At world level 5 or adventure rank 40, this 5-star artifact set will begin to drop in the Valley of Remembrance domain near Mondstadt.

Thundering Fury 5-star Artifact Set

The 5-star Thundering Fury artifact collection is one of Fischl’s greatest. It boosts raw Electro damage with the 2-piece set bonus and boosts Fischl’s elemental skill uptime to limitless with the 4-piece set benefit. Fischl is already an insanely powerful support character because she can inflict damage even when she is not an active character. After all, the bird remains when you swap out.

You can reduce your Elemental Recharge stats and focus on those that improve your damage, like Crit Rate%, Crit Damage%, and ATK%, using the 4-piece set bonus.

The Thundering Fury 5-star artifact set works well on Razor and Keqing as your primary damage dealer. It increases their damage significantly with the assistance of the 4-piece set bonus and always keeps your elemental skill up. It provides you with extra energy to replenish your elemental burst and combine it with other elemental reactions in your team.

This 5-star artifact set will begin dropping at world level 5 or adventure rank 40 in the Midsummer Courtyard domain in Mondstadt.

Noblesse Oblige 5-star Artifact Set

How to Get 5-star Artifacts in Genshin Impact

This is especially useful for support characters with high Energy Recharge who can maintain their elemental burst while supporting. An additional support character with a 4-piece Exile artifact set bonus will likewise keep it going even if the character is not active. There are several variations in the game, and this build will maintain your elemental burst at a high level on all of your characters.

At world level 4 or adventure rank 40, this 5-star artifact set begins dropping in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain near Mt. Aozang.

Crimson Witch of Flames 5-star Artifact Set

Characters like Diluc and Xiangling benefit from the 5-star Crimson Witch of Flames artifact package. The Pyro elemental reactions you may mix will all improve it, but this only works if you can capitalize on it in your party.

Particularly with Diluc, whose basic strikes give Pyro damage after he uses his elemental burst. With her elemental talent, Xiangling is also ideal for elemental responses since she simply needs to toss it out and you can swap to another character and combo it with a different element.

At world level 4 or adventure rank 40, this 5-star artifact set begins to drop in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain in the Luhua Pool.


In Genshin Impact, these 5-star artifacts will be the greatest gear and the best means to boost your power level to new heights.

If you play and support this game to the finish, you’ll most likely be farming them for the remainder of your gameplay until they add a higher tier of artifacts, which is unlikely based on previous gacha games. There will undoubtedly be additional artifact sets in the future, and acquiring strong 5-star artifacts will always be the ultimate objective.

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