How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans

How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans: Brown dye is one of the most elusive dyes in Minecraft.

How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans

This dye can only be obtained in Minecraft by crafting through Cocoa beans. It does require a different method of crafting but, it is believed to be the only way. However, is that the only way of creating Brown dye in Minecraft?

Gameophobic is here to help you with the raging question of how to get Brown dye in Minecraft without Cocoa Beans. For those of you who have some extra Cocoa Beans lying around, we will also cover how to get Brown dye in Minecraft with Cocoa Beans.

How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans.

The Recipe for creating dyes from Cocoa beans has been existing for quite some time now. However, before we get on with it, we would like to share these alternate recipes for creating Brown Dye in Minecraft without Cocoa Beans.

The purpose of these recipes for brown dye is to make it easier for players who can’t find Jungle Biomes. It is important to note that sometimes these recipes might now work. The developer can remove the support for any of these at any time.

Recipes to get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans

  1. Black Dye + Orange Dye = Brown Dye
  2. Black Dye + Red Dye + Yellow Dye = Brown Dye
  3. Blue Dye + Orange Dye = Brown Dye
  4. Yellow Dye + Purple Dye = Brown Dye
  5. Red Dye + Green Dye = Brown Dye

How to Craft Brown Dye With Cocoa Beans

Now with that out of the way, let us now move on to crafting the natural and most widely used process of crafting Brown dye in Minecraft.

To make brown dye in Minecraft, you will only need one item, which is cocoa beans. This dye can be obtained from jungle biomes. However, because jungle biomes are among the rarest, they are difficult to locate. Once you’ve discovered a jungle biome, you must find cocoa beans growing on trees in the jungle biome.

The next steps are neatly explained below for your convenience:

1. Gather the raw materials

The cocoa bean is the only ingredient required to make brown dye. You can look for it in a jungle biome or a desert biome.

2. Launch your crafting grid.

You must now open your crafting table (33). Place the cocoa beans exactly where you want them. It should go in the first box of your crafting grid. After a while, you’ll notice the brown dye in the appropriate box near your crafting table.

3. Put it in your inventory.

As you did with the brown dye, you must add it to your inventory. In the Minecraft inventory, you can activate your brown dye. You have created brown dye for your tools and weapons.

How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans

4. Make use of Command

You can also use a specific command to activate this dye during gameplay. Use the following command:

@p brown dye 1 /give

How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans

What are the Uses of Brown Dye in Minecraft?

Dyes are typically used as a coloring agent. In Minecraft, the brown dye has taken the place of cocoa beans. This has begun in the Village & Pillage Update. Brown dye can be used to recolor your items as well as for a variety of other purposes, including:

1. Use to create various patterns for banners.

Brown dye, like black and white dye, can be used to weave banners on a loom. You can also customize your banners with different patterns. When it comes to emphasizing a specific thing, banners are essential. It’s also one of the most common dyes in Minecraft.

2. Use to color glass, wool, leather, and mattresses.

How to Get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans

A dye’s primary function is to add color to an item or thing. Brown dye colors your tools and weapons brown. You can use this dye to color the wool of your sheep, cats, and wolves. This dye is useful for adding brown color to leather armor. In Minecraft, you can also stain your beds brown, among other things.

3. Use as a fireworks display

You can make fireworks with brown dye. You will be able to create them with gunpowder. This dye can also be used to recolor or paint your fireworks stars. You’ll need brown dye, a crafting table, and gunpowder to make fireworks.

4. Can also be used to make balloons.

This dye can be used to color a variety of items. Crafting balloons with brown dye will allow you to stock a variety of brown balloons. These balloons can be used to decorate your home or Minecraft world.

5. Make a concrete powder with it.

You can make white concrete powder with brown dye. It will also assist you in creating a lighthouse in Minecraft. To make brown concrete powder in Minecraft, you must have one brown dye, four blocks of sand, and four blocks of gravel in your inventory.

Brown Dye Farm in Minecraft

You can make a large quantity of brown dye for later use. Making a Minecraft brown dye farm is the best way to accomplish this. I’ll show you how to make a Minecraft brown dye or cocoa bean farm in no time. To create your brown dye farm in Minecraft, follow the steps below.

The first thing you’ll do is gather all of the necessary items. You must gather the following items:

  • 12 clingy pistons
  • 16 constructing elements
  • 32 wooden slats
  • Cocoa beans

Next, follow the steps below:

  1. Arrange the items in their proper places.
  2. Place four sticky pistons in each of the four corners of your chosen area.
  3. On top of each sticky piston, place four building blocks.
  4. You will eventually have four pillars for your brown dye farm.
  5. Place two sticky pistons on each side of the pillar.
  6. Add wooden blocks to make them the same height as your pillars.
  7. Then sprinkle cocoa beans on every surface near the jungle logs.
  8. Allow the cocoa beans to mature.

You must wait a few minutes for your cocoa beans to grow. Once you’ve found your grown cocoa beans, you can use them to make brown dye in Minecraft.

Once your beans are all grown and ready to harvest, you can be sure that it’s going to rain Brown Dye for you.

That brings us to the end of our guide on How to get Brown Dye in Minecraft Without Cocoa Beans.

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