How to Get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16?

How to Get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16? Welcome to the mystical realm of Final Fantasy 16, where epic adventures await and formidable foes stand in your path. In this fantastical world, crafting plays a crucial role in arming yourself with powerful gear, and one such crafting material, Electrum, holds the key to unlocking the mighty Drakeslayer’s Belt. If you’re seeking to bolster your arsenal and enhance your character’s strength, then mastering the art of obtaining Electrum is essential.

How to Get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16?

In Final Fantasy 16, Electrum is a rare and coveted resource used exclusively in creating the Drakeslayer’s Belt—an accessory that grants you 23 HP and 74 Defense, making it a formidable asset in your battles. However, don’t be fooled by its scarcity, for with the right guidance and skills, you can acquire this precious crafting material.

In this article, you’ll discover How to Get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16?, a crucial crafting material used to create the powerful Drakeslayer’s Belt. We’ll show you where to locate and defeat the notorious mark, Severian, to claim this valuable resource. So, fellow adventurers, get prepared to venture into the captivating realm of Final Fantasy 16 and secure this essential material for your journey. 

What is Electrum in Final Fantasy 16?

Electrum is a rare crafting material used exclusively in crafting the Drakeslayer’s Belt, a highly sought-after equipment piece that provides 23 HP and 74 Defense. As a highly valuable material, it is only dropped by a single enemy, making it quite challenging to obtain.

How to Find Severian in Final Fantasy 16

To obtain Electrum, players must take on the notorious mark, Severian. The hunt for Severian becomes available on the Hunt Board in Cid’s Hideaway after completing the main quest “Fire and Ice.” Once you’ve unlocked the hunt, make sure you are well-prepared for a challenging battle.

Severian’s location can be found to the northwest of the Martha’s Rest Obelisk within the Rosaria region. To reach this spot, teleport to Martha’s Rest and head west towards the wooden elevator. Proceed north from there until you encounter Severian curled up in a ball, waiting for a worthy opponent.

How to Get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16?

Tips to Defeat Severian And Get Electrum in Final Fantasy 16

Facing Severian in battle requires strategic planning and swift reflexes. Here are some tips to overcome this formidable foe:

Watch Out for “Eradicate”

Severian’s most deadly move involves whirling blades that can cause substantial damage. When you see “Eradicate” appear on your screen, quickly move back and be prepared to dodge its subsequent lunge attack.

Be Wary of Severian’s Reach

The beam sword used by Severian has a deceptive length. Maintain a safe distance from the enemy and be ready to dodge when it closes in to attack.

Beware of Area-of-Effect Attacks

Severian’s attacks create a light blue circle, indicating an incoming assault. But don’t let your guard down too soon! A larger circle appears immediately after, so make sure to move far away to avoid both attacks.

Defeating Severian and Obtaining Electrum

With your wits and skills honed, face off against Severian in battle. Use your abilities strategically and keep an eye on its deadly moves. Once you emerge victorious, you will be rewarded with Electrum, along with other spoils, such as 70 Ability Points, 20 Renown, 800 XP, and 8,500 Gil.

Get Electrum And Craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt in Final Fantasy 16

Now that you have Electrum in your possession, you can proceed to craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt. To create this powerful accessory, you’ll need the following materials:

x1 Dragon Talon

x1 Electrum

x20 Briar Clam Shell

x1 Scarletite

Visit Blackthorne at the Hideaway, provide him with the required materials, and he will craft the Drakeslayer’s Belt for you.


Obtaining Electrum in Final Fantasy 16 may require some effort, but with perseverance and strategic planning, you can defeat Severian and claim this valuable crafting material. Once you’ve crafted the Drakeslayer’s Belt, your character will be better equipped for the battles that lie ahead. So, adventurers, embark on this quest, face the challenge, and revel in your triumph! Happy hunting in Final Fantasy 16!

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