How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield

How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield Starfield is a sci-fi RPG that lets you explore the vastness of space and discover countless planets, factions, and secrets.One of a legendary weapons is the Experiment A-7, a shotgun that deals massive physical damage and has a rare effect that increases damage against aliens. The Experiment A-7 is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, and it can be very useful for dealing with hostile creatures and enemies on different planets.

How to Get It

The Experiment A-7 weapon is not something you can buy from a vendor or find randomly in a loot crate. It is a unique weapon that can only be obtained by completing a specific mission in the game.

  • The mission you need to complete is called “Entangled”, and it is part of the Final Glimpses main quest. To unlock this mission, you need to progress the story until you reach the point where you have to choose between two routes: one that leads to Freya III and one that leads to Eos Prime.
How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield

You need to choose the route that leads to Freya III, which is a planet that is home to a mysterious alien race called the Scorpions. Once you arrive on Freya III, you will meet Ethan, a scientist who has been studying the Scorpions for years.

How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield
  • Ethan will ask you to help him with his research by collecting some samples from the Scorpions. He will also give you some information about the Scorpions and their culture. You can ask him various questions, but the one you need to ask him is if there are any scorpions native to this planet.
  • He will tell you that there are no scorpions on Freya III, but he will also mention that he has a weapon that he calls Experiment A-7. He will explain that he made this weapon by modifying an old Earth shotgun with some Scorpion technology. He will also tell you that this weapon is very effective against aliens, especially Scorpions.
How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield
  • At this point, you will have a Persuade dialogue option, which requires a high Charisma skill. If you select this option, you will convince Ethan to give you his Experiment A-7 weapon as a gift. He will hand over the shotgun to you and wish you good luck with your mission.

If you don’t have enough Charisma or if you miss this dialogue option, you will not be able to get the Experiment A-7 weapon from Ethan.

Experiment A-7 Weapon Stats and Overview

  • The Experiment A-7 weapon is a shotgun that fires 15×25 CLL Shells, which are rare and powerful ammunition types. It has a base damage of 119 physical damage per shot, which is very high for a shotgun. It also has a magazine size of 6 rounds and a fire rate of 10 shots per minute.
How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield
  • The Experiment A-7 weapon also has a rare effect called Exterminator, which increases its damage by 30% against aliens. This means that it can deal even more damage to enemies like Scorpions, Zetans, or any other alien creatures you encounter in Starfield.
  • The Experiment A-7 weapon also has 8 mod slots, which means that you can customize it with various mods to improve its performance or change its appearance. 

Conclusion for How To Get Experiment A-7 Weapon in Starfield

We hope this blog post has helped you learn how to get the Experiment A-7 weapon in Starfield and what makes it so special. It is a powerful shotgun that can deal massive damage to aliens and can be customized with various mods. You can get it by completing the Entangled mission and persuading Ethan to give it to you, or by finding another way later in the game. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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