How To Get Favors In Payday 3

How To Get Favors In Payday 3: Payday 3 includes a number of systems that contribute to the online multiplayer heists that players can participate in. Favors are a type of asset item that players can bring into the game as part of their loadouts. Unfortunately, the game does not do a good job of explaining how to obtain Favors in Payday 3.

How To Get Favors In Payday 3

Favors are extremely useful in Payday 3. Consider them behind-the-scenes supply drops that can assist you in an emergency. Everything will go wrong at some point, and you never know when you’ll need extra ammo, armor, or other supplies to get through a difficult siege.

Therefore, in this blog, we will take a close look at what are these favors and how to get favors in Payday 3. We will also tell you how you can easily utilize favors to get extra support during your heists in the latest Payday game in the series.

What are Favors in Payday 3?

Favors in Payday are essentially small bonus items that you can set up before entering the heist. These include health kits, ammo, armor, and a zipline bag for a quick exit, as well as level-specific options such as an extra QR code if the doors require it.

When you choose your loadout, you can select Favors from the ready screen. Each player can choose one Favor to be set up before entering, for a total of four. When the heist begins, these items will be placed somewhere out of the way (marked on your HUD via X-ray vision).

How to Get Favors in Payday 3?

To purchase items, players must navigate to the Vendors tab in the main menu. Favors can be found at the very bottom of weapon dealer Gage’s inventory. They will be directly beneath the weapon stickers. Favors are only $10,000 and are well worth the cost.

How To Get Favors In Payday 3

Return between heists to look for new items. Keep an eye out for unusual items, such as QR codes, that will make certain heists easier. Extra supplies are always useful, and zip lines can be used to quickly flee cop-infested areas or sneak onto a roof.

PAYDAY 3 currently has four different types of favors that players can unlock and equip:

  • Ammo Bag – Produces a resupply bag of ammunition.
  • Medic Bag – Generates a bag of medical supplies to restore health.
  • Armor Bag – A bag of armor plate refills is spawned to replenish lost armor.
  • Zipline Bag – This creates a handy zipline that players can use to quickly escape the scene.

How to Use Favors in Payday 3?

Once purchased, favors are not automatically added to the character’s inventory. While in the ready screen, choose a favor to use. It will occupy a space in the section labeled “no asset selected.” In the lobby, each player has four slots. Per heist, each character can only equip one favor.

Characters in Payday 3 do not start with favors in their possession. They will instead be distributed at random throughout the levels at the start of a heist. On their HUD, players will be able to see certain key items through walls.

During the quiet phase of heists, look for orange silhouettes of the favors. Look carefully because they can be well hidden and even placed in restricted areas. Remember to bring favors to every heist, as they can be lifesavers in dire situations.


Well, that was all for Favors in Payday 3 and how to get them easily in the game. Remember that you can only equip one Favor per character in your Payday 3 heists. Favors can be a game-changing asset that can turn any dire situation on its head and make you win the game.

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