How to Get Free Gun Skin and Emotes in PUBG Mobile

One of the most well-known names in the battle royale genre is PUBG Mobile. The game has high-definition graphics as well as immersive in-game components such as real-life inspired weaponry and more. Players may get a variety of intriguing emotes to use in the game. Emotes are a fantastic source of enjoyment for players and have evolved into one of the game’s greatest dynamics. This guide will show you how to acquire free emotes in PUBG Mobile. All PUBG lovers want free PUBG skins for a better look or a professional appearance. There are so many tricks to get Premium gun skins in PUBG without paying any money. Let’s learn some tricks to get free skins.


 Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin Tricks

This is a new trick to get PUBG Free Gun Skins. All you have to do is follow this trick and get free M416 Glacier and Orange Gun Skin absolutely free. You can access this skin only for 7 days. Most of the players like to play with this gun skin. Here are some of the quick and easy steps.

  1. Click on this link
    2. Copy AKM Gun skin coupon
    3. Open PUBG reward Page Enter your PUBG ID & coupon
    4. Click to claim AKM Gun skin
    5. Now open the PUBG game and check your mail.
    6. Collect AKM skin and enjoy for 7 days.


PUBG Tricks: Get Free PUBG Skins, Legendary Outfit, Weapons & More

Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin Tricks

Simply follow this trick and get free M416 Glacier and Orange Gun Skin absolutely free. This skin is only available for 7 days. Let’s find out how.

  1. Go to this link
    2. Copy M416 Glacier Skin Code
    3. Now install Monster VPN from the play store
    4. Open and connect from Korean Server
    5. Now Open PUBG Reward Center on your chrome browser
    6. Enter character ID & pasted M416 code & claim your free skin
    7. Lastly, Collect it from your mail & enjoy it for 7 days.

How to get SK12 skin permanently?

Here’s a neat trick to get SK12 Gun Skin for permanently. PUBG Mobile as added Guncraft option under Workshop section. You have to spin the wheel. This option might not be available to all. Please check if it is available to you or not. Follow these easy steps.

1. Open PUBG Mobile
2. Go to Workshop & Click on Guncraft Option
3. You’ll find an option and you get the first spin for free.
4. Just spin the wheel and collect SK12 skin for free.

How to get free Emotes in PUBG Mobile?

1. Through Royal Pass

Image of Gun skins and emotes in PUBG

With each new season, the game’s producers introduced a new Elite Royale Pass. Players may get a variety of colorful clothing, weapon skins, emotes, and other stuff with the Royale Pass. In the Royale Pass area, players may acquire a number of emotes for free. Players can acquire a number of emotes for free with the Royale Pass rewards, but to get the Elite or Elite Plus Royale, which costs between 600 and 1800 UC, they must purchase the Elite or Elite Plus Royale. In most cases, users receive free emotes in the Elite Royale Pass by attaining a specific rank, such as rank 50. It’s one of the most effective ways to get free emotes.

2. With Redeem codes in PUBG Mobile

Image of Gun skins and emotes in PUBG

Redeem coupons may also be used to obtain free emotes. PUBG Mobile rewards its players with a variety of redemption tickets for stuff like clothing, popularity, and emotes. To receive free codes, players should keep an eye on PUBG Mobile’s official social media accounts, such as Youtube and Instagram. These codes are useful for obtaining unique emotes that may be teased by other players. The coupon can also be redeemed on the website.

3. With Mythic Outfits in PUBG Mobile

Image of Gun skins and emotes in free PUBG Mobile

The final option is to use the title’s mysterious clothes. In the game, there are several clothes that come with fantastic emotes. To obtain free mythological clothing, players can open in-game crates such as a classic or premium crate. However, players must be lucky in order to obtain the Mythic costume, as it is difficult to obtain for free in the game.

So, here were some of the quickest and easiest ways to get free gun skins in emotes in PUBG Mobile. Which one did you like the most?

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