How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield?

How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield? Starfield is a highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, set to release on September 6, 2023. One of the features that many players are curious about is the possibility of owning a house or a home in Starfield. In this blog post, we will explore how to get a free house in Starfield, as well as some of the benefits and drawbacks of having a place to call your own.

Options To Get Free House/Home in Starfield

How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield?

Option 1: Select the Dream Home trait

In Starfield, there is a trait called Dream Home among many other traits that you can choose during character creation. Opting for this trait means that you’ll have a house from the beginning of the game. However, along with it comes a 50,000 credit mortgage that you’ll need to repay. The house is situated on a desolate planet named Elysium, and it’s quite visually appealing with ample room for personalization and decoration. Notably, it’s the sole residence in Starfield that allows you to travel quickly to and from.

How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield?

Drawbacks of this Home in Starfield

First of all, you’ll have to pay off your mortgage before you can fully enjoy your house. This means you’ll have less money to spend on other things, such as upgrading your ship, buying new weapons and armor, or investing in outposts. Secondly, your house is very far away from the main hubs of the game, such as New Atlantis, Akila City, or Neon. This means you’ll have to travel a lot to access the main quests, factions, and activities of Starfield. Thirdly, your house is not very secure, as it can be attacked by raiders or other enemies at any time. You’ll have to defend your property and repair any damage done by intruders.

Option 2: Complete the UC Vanguard quest line

Another way to get a free house in Starfield is by completing the UC Vanguard quest line, which is one of the main story lines of the game. The UC Vanguard is a faction that represents the United Colonies, one of the two major powers in the galaxy. 

How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield?

If you become a member of the UC Vanguard and successfully accomplish their missions, you’ll eventually earn a complimentary residence known as The Penthouse in New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies. This exquisite apartment offers ample space and luxury, along with a breathtaking panoramic vista of the cityscape. It has a compact room where you can conveniently place most of your crafting stations, leaving a vast open area for various other activities. Moreover, The Penthouse’s proximity to the train station makes traveling to different areas of New Atlantis or Other planets.

Disadvantage of this quest in Starfield

  • Engage in combat against terrormorphs, perilous extraterrestrial beings capable of evolving and adjusting to diverse surroundings.
  • Deal with the politics and conflicts of the United Colonies, which may not align with your personal views or goals.
How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield?

Your house in New Atlantis is not very private or customizable. You will face these issues:

  • Unwanted visitors or noise from the busy and crowded city below.
  • A predefined layout and style that may not suit your personality or preferences.

Conclusion For How To Get Free House/Home in Starfield?

getting a free house in Starfield is possible, but it comes with some trade-offs. You’ll have to either select a trait that gives you a house but also a debt and a remote location, or complete a quest line that gives you a house but also enemies and restrictions. Either way, having a house in Starfield can be useful for storing items, resting, and crafting. However, it may not be as important or satisfying as exploring the galaxy and discovering new wonders.

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